Drop Off Shredding FAQ

Getting answers laid out for common drop off shredding questions

Q: How much shredding is ideal for drop off shredding service?

Less than 3 boxes or 90 lbs. If you have more, it is generally more economical to have a mobile or off site shredding service dispose of your documents.

Q: How much does drop off shredding cost?

Typically, it is around $1.00 per pound but it varies by location. To calculate, a Banker’s box holds approximately 30 pounds, so about $30 per box to shred. We have a simple shredding volume calculator that will help calculate how many pounds you have.

Q: Do I need an appointment?

Generally, you do not need an appointment though it is always a good idea to call the location directly to see if they prefer that you set an appointment.

Q: Do I get a certificate of destruction?

You do not get a certificate of destruction. Since your documents are placed in a locked bin and picked up by a shredding service provider later, the drop off location cannot provide them until the documents are shredded. If you need a certificate of destruction, you should consider a mobile shredding service.

Q: Who completes the shredding?

It varies from location to location. A shredding service provider, generally with a mobile shredding truck, comes and empties the paper in the shredding bins into a mobile shredding unit where the paper is shredded and recycled. 

Q: How much time can I expect drop off shredding to take?

It depends on how much shredding you have. It should not take more than 10 minutes per box on average. The process that takes the longest is depositing the documents into the shredding bin.

Q: Who will weigh my documents and help me get my documents in the shredding bin?

One of the trained clerks at the drop off locations where you drop off and pay to have your documents destroyed.

Q: Do they shred on site?

Generally yes. The shredding is done on site by a mobile shredding truck at a set interval.

Q: What are their hours?

Check our website for store hours of operation. In addition, you may want to confirm with the individual store to be safe.

Q: Do they take hard drives?

Drop off locations do not accept hard drives.

Q: What day does the shredder come? Can I meet up with them to witness my shredding?

Generally no. Some locations may allow this but you would have to arrange that with the individual store.

Q: How often is the bin emptied?

It depends on the volume of shredding that the individual store receives. It can be weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or bi-monthly (or some iteration thereof).

Q: Is the bin locked?

Generally, yes. Each store has their own security policy. We recommend contacting the store directly and having them walk you through their security policy.

Q: Do I have to feed my paper through a slot?

Generally, yes. Stores have locked bins and you place your documents through a slot for security purposes. We recommend contacting the location to understand their process.

Q: How can I be guaranteed that no one will look at my personal information?

There is no guarantee. If you would like a guarantee that no one will look at your personal information, we recommend a mobile shredding service.

Q: Do I need to remove staples and paper clips?

No, the industrial shredder will go through flexible/bendable metal such as staples and paper clips.

Q: Is the shredding free?

No, the shredding is not free. Industry average for drop off is about $1.00 per pound.