An offsite shredding facilityShred Nations offers a variety of shredding services to help you find the easiest and most secure way to protect your home or business. Whether you collect a large amount of private information or just a few documents, shredding prevents data leaks and identity theft. Professional destruction ensures that your documents are handled correctly and provides you with audit-able proof of legal compliance. 

Offsite shredding is secure shredding service that is completed in one of our controlled, plant-based shredding facilities. Our facilities use huge, industrial-grade shredders that can destroy up to 20,000 pounds of paper an hour. We can quickly and thoroughly complete even the largest projects with offsite shredding services. 

Why Choose Offsite Shredding Services?

Offsite shredding was designed to handle high-volume shredding projects at an affordable price. You will save money on the price per pound by paying a flat rate fee, no matter the overall size of your shredding project (location and other factors may affect price). We recommend this service for large projects of 300 pounds of paper or more. 

When compared to mobile shredding services, offsite shredding has many things in common. Both services reduce the burden, costs, and risks of shredding your own documents. They are both completed by highly trained and bonded shredding professionals. Each service comes with a certificate of destruction for your records. 

What sets offsite shredding apart is that we will pick up and haul away your documents for safe shredding in a local facility. The chain of custody will be strictly monitored throughout collection, transport, and destruction. We use barcode scanning at each touchpoint to create a documented trail for your papers. At the facility, your documents will be combined with thousands of others, shredded, pulped, and recycled. 

The Offsite Shredding Process

Simplify large shredding projects with offsite shredding services. We make it easy to collect and complete your project for a one-time purge or ongoing scheduled services.

Here’s how it works: 

  1. Your selected shredding company will provide you with secure shred bins to store your documents awaiting pick up. 
  2. A truck will come to your location to collect your shredding when requested. 
  3. Your documents will be safely transported to a nearby facility, where they will be destroyed quickly and effectively.
  4. A certificate of destruction will be created to summarize the shredding process for your records. 
  5. Your shreds will be treated and prepared for the creation of new paper products. 

Ready to Begin Offsite Shredding Services? Contact Us Now

Shred Nations has built an extensive network of shredding professionals across the country. We serve nearly every state, city, and town nationwide. Contact us by calling (800) 747-3365, filling out the form, or using the live chat to request free quotes on offsite shredding near you. Within minutes you will be contacted by multiple providers competing for your business.