Hard Drive Destruction & Recycling

Secure and Affordable Hard Drive Shredding Services

There are multiple ways to destroy a hard drive. However, when drives are not properly shredded, the data is at risk of exposure and exploitation. Hard drive shredding services can ensure that your data is unrecoverable. Shred Nations can match you with a trusted, local partner from our nationwide network of providers.

By shredding your hard drive, you’ll be protecting both the environment and your privacy. Shredding ensures that any data on the hard drive is destroyed without a trace, and the recycling process ensures that none of the toxic materials that make up a hard drive end up in landfills or our waterways. 

Hard Drive Destruction Services, and Common Devices that Contain Hard Drives

On-Site Shredding

This is a mobile service where a shred truck comes to your location to shred the drives at your curbside. 

Off-Site Shredding

Off-site shredding is where a provider will come and collect all of the drives from your location. Afterward, they will go directly to an off-site shredding facility to be destroyed.

Devices with Hard Drives

  • Desktop computers, monitors, and external hard drives
  • Cell phones and mobile devices 
  • Consumer electronics (tablets, laptops, and gaming consoles)
  • Printers, scanners, and fax machines

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The Hard Drive Shredding and Recycling Process

Metals and Plastics are Separated


Magnets Separate Iron and Steel


Aluminum, Copper, and Circuit Boards are Separated


Glass and Plastics are Separated


All Other Materials are Separated


The Base Materials are Shipped to a Technology Producer


New Devices are Created from the Materials


Protecting Your Data

All of Shred Nations partners follow the highest industry security protocols when handling your old hard drive, meaning you can rest easy knowing that your data and personal information were destroyed securely.

Sustainable Technology Recycling

Shred Nations partners with recyclers across the country that will make sure your hard drive gets recycled efficiently, protecting our environment from the harms of e-waste.

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