Ship 'n' Shred services come to youFor smaller businesses and offices that don’t produce a significant amount of paper, mobile or off site shredding services may not be the best solution. Ship ‘N’ Shred may be a more ideal option when dealing with a smaller quantity.

What is Ship ‘N’ Shred?

Ship ‘N’ Shred is a unique service where you send off your documents to be shredded. This service limits the work you have to do while ensuring the safety of your information.

Typically, Ship ‘N’ Shred services cost $32 per box.

While mobile and off site shredding services are a great solution to shred hundreds of pounds of materials in an instant, some businesses don’t require that amount. Ship ‘N’ Shred will be one of the more convenient and affordable methods for thoroughly shredding your papers, when it’s only a box or two.

Ship ‘N’ Shred’s Benefits


The shredding is picked up at your home or office, making the entire process as simple as possible. Everything can be arranged and scheduled online, and a certificate of destruction will be delivered to your email. Nothing beats the ease and convenience of Ship ‘N’ Shred.


The core of every shredding service is security. The entire process is compliant with FACTA, HIPAA, SOX, and all existing state laws. Every box receives a certificate of destruction. This provides a level of detail that is not always possible with other shredding services.


When paying by the box, you only pay for what you shred. Since many services charge a flat fee, Ship ‘N’ Shred can save money by matching price to paper quantity. In addition to cost-efficiency, Ship ‘n’ Shred reduces the time that sensitive papers sit around before being safely destroyed.

Ship Away Your Shredding Needs Today

To learn more details or to set up your Ship ‘N’ Shred service, simply head over to Ship ‘N’ Shred.