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Document Digitization

Document scanning services bring your business up to speed with reliable, clear conversion. You will be able to quickly search, edit, and share files from just about anywhere. Streamline your business, meet compliance requirements, and create a more accessible system with Shred Nations today. Benefits of our specialized, professional scanning services are:

Data Protection – Protect your documents with remote back-ups and innovative digital security.

Increased Efficiency – Find your documents with an easy keyword search, saving time and reducing frustration. Make better use of your office space by switching from physical storage to digital.

Improved Services and Collaboration – Instant access allows you to respond quickly and accurately to your customers. Your team will be able to edit documents simultaneously and easily share files as needed.

Cost Conservation – Digital document storage is much more cost-effective than storing paper files.


Document Scanning Service Options

Shred Nations offers secure scanning services for businesses & residents with large and small needs. We tailor our services to meet industry requirements and maintain privacy. 

Record Scanning: No matter the type of document, we can help you scan them into a digital format. We have services prepared for both large and small quantity needs.

Large Format Scanning: Convert oversized documents for better access and editing abilities. We can scan a wide variety of drawings and schematics to reduce storage needs and preserve your documents. 

Medical Records Scanning: If you’re a medical practice or an individual, keeping track of paper medical records can be a difficult and neverending task. That is why we recommend document scanning to help streamline the search and accessibility.


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Philadelphia, PA
"Incredibly helpful in providing me with same day service, excellent customer service and local scanning options. Look forward to working with him again."
Richmond, VA
"We had several years of financial records that needed to be scanned for archival purposes. As a 501-3c we are required to keep certain documents for tax purposes. Several boxes worth of records were scanned and shredded and we received everything on flash drives."
Tallahassee, FL
"Very helpful in my search for a company to scan a large quantity of medical records. She explained the process, that the companies would contact me, sent me a list of them, and followed through quickly. I would use again."

Document Scanning FAQs

How do document scanning services work?


1. Assess how many files need to be scanned, what types they are, and if you will need storage or shredding services.

2. Contact Shred Nations today for free, customized quotes on services near you. Call us at (800) 747-3365 or fill out the form. Be specific about your industry or any specific needs you may have. Store, scan, and shred all your documents in one place.

3. One of our experts will match you with providers in your area who will in turn get in touch with you. Pick the provider that best fits your needs and budget. 

4. Schedule your service with one of our trusted local providers. They can come to your location to scan your documents or pick them up and take them to their secure facility to scan.

5. Your documents will be returned to you or you can choose to destroy them with your service provider. Your digital documents can be stored in cloud storage or other DMS.

How much does a scanning service cost?


It usually costs around 7-12 cents per page to scan. However, the price will depend on the type of document, size of your project, the complexity, any additional features such as OCR, and whether you want to implement any of our digital or off-site storage options. When you contact us with the details of your project, our service providers will be able to give you a more accurate price quote.

How secure are your scanning services?


All of our service providers prioritize confidentiality and integrity. They are all compliant with state and federal privacy laws, such as HIPAA, HITECH, FACTA, and more. They also have physical security, restricted access, and encryption, and can securely destroy your documents after scanning if needed. Most have an industrial-grade shredder at their scanning facilities or partner with a shredding service.

What kinds of documents can I scan?


Our service providers are equipped to handle any type of document, including paper documents, photographs, slides, medical records, legal documents, financial records, blueprints, architectural drawings, and more. They can handle any size, shape, and format you have.

Do I need to prepare my documents before my service?


Generally, you should organize your documents in the way you want to index your files digitally and keep them free from any damage or debris. You should also remove any staples, paperclips, rubber bands, and other bindings. While this is not required, it helps your service run more smoothly and efficiently.

What is the typical turnaround time for a scanning service?


Your project’s timing will vary based on the complexity, quantity, and any specific requests (indexing, redacting, etc.). Once you connect with your service provider, they will give you a more in-depth timeline.

Will I be able to edit my scanned documents?


You can edit your scanned files if you request OCR scanning. Your documents will be converted to machine-encoded text that can be edited through a PDF.

How does indexing work?


Indexing is when you associate documents with different “search terms.” This allows you to easily search for files using the keywords of your choice. Some examples you can index by are case number, dates, patients’ names, invoice number, order numbers, addresses, and more.

Can you scan double-sided document?


Yes – our service providers’ scanners are made to scan both sides of your documents at the same time. 

What is the difference between imaging and digitizing?


Document imaging only takes an “image” of your documents where it can’t be edited or manipulated. Digitizing typically incorporates OCR technology, allowing you to edit your digital documents, drawings, and more.

What industries can benefit from scanning services?


All industries can benefit from scanning services. Some industry-specific examples include:



– Manufacturing

– Construction




General Business

HR Departments

– and More!


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