Document Scanning Services

Document Scanning ServicesDocument scanning services bring your business up to speed with reliable, clear conversion. You will be able to quickly search, edit, and share files from just about anywhere. Streamline your business, meet compliance requirements, and create a more accessible system with Shred Nations today.

Document Scanning Service Options

Shred Nations offers secure scanning services for businesses & residents with large and small needs. We tailor our services to meet industry requirements and maintain privacy. 

Record Scanning

No matter the type of document, we can help you scan them into a digital format. We have services prepared for both large and small quantity needs.

Large Format Scanning

Convert oversized documents for better access and editing abilities. We can scan a wide variety of drawings and schematics to reduce storage needs and preserve your documents. 

Medical Records Scanning

If you’re a medical practice or an individual, keeping track of paper medical records can be a difficult and neverending task. That is why we recommend document scanning to help streamline the search and accessibility.

Benefits of Document Scanning 

There are numerous benefits to digitizing your documents, but here is a list of 6 major benefits of going ditial.

Data Protection

Protect your documents with remote back-ups and innovative digital security.

Increase Efficiency

Find your documents with an easy keyword search, saving time and reducing frustration.

Improve Services

Instant access allows you to respond quickly and accurately to your customers.

Utilize Your Space

Make better use of your office space by switching from physical storage to digital.

Conserve Costs

Digital document storage is much more cost-effective than storing paper files.

Encourage Collaboration

Your team will be able to edit documents simultaneously and easily share files as needed.

After Scanning – Shred or Store?

When scanning is complete, we will return your documents to you or destroy them with our secure shredding services. Our providers can offer safe document storage options if you need to maintain physical copies for legal or other purposes. 

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