secure shreddingA certificate of destruction helps protect your company in case of legal action or an audit.

When you hire a mobile shredding or off-site shredding company, it’s important to know that they detail every step of the shredding process and can document it.

This certificate helps to prove that documents that you want to be shredded are securely destroyed. To ensure that you are protected be sure to look for a shredding provider that offers a very detailed certificate of destruction.

If you’re looking for a solid example of a thorough certificate of destruction, check out some items that are included from Northfolk Disposal in Waterford, Ontario:

  • A unique, serialized transaction number that you can use in an audit trail
  • Transfer of Custody that establishes the client’s turning over of materials for destruction at a specific location and date.
  • A reference to the terms and conditions, or the policies and procedures of the client and company for the processing of materials
  • Acceptance of fiduciary responsibility whereby the company’s agent accepts responsibility and agrees that all materials accepted are considered confidential and are to be treated as such (can refer to the terms and conditions of a service agreement)
  • Date the information was collected and the date the information ceased to exist.
  • The location of the destruction of the documents
  • The witness to the destruction

Before you agree to have a shredding company destroy your documents, be sure to ask if they provide a certificate of destruction. Have them detail what’s included on their certificate to ensure you have all the necessary requirements by law or for your industry.