Shredding Articles

Shredding ArticlesA wise man once said, “Shredding is the process of turning big paper into little paper. Everything else is just details.” Despite that though, as it is with so many things, the devil is in the details.

Any business owner from the one-man army to a corporate branch with thousands of employees needs to educate themselves on proper document disposal, document management, and the most economical and secure solutions to ensure their documents don’t get into the wrong hands, and luckily you’ve now arrived at Shred Nations’ library of articles where you can find all the information you need.

We’ll keep you up to date on current events, discuss security and privacy concerns, and even explain some of the services we offer and which might work best for you. We add new information all the time make sure you’re informed of the changes in the shredding industry, new laws, and excellent resources to help you make the right decision for your next shredding project.

Learn more about document shredding and document management today—check out any of the subjects below.

White Papers

Our experts provide in-depth articles that include insights and perspectives on how to improve the security of your documents and your document management practices through securing your processes and keeping up to date on recent trends. Click on the links below to get detailed information on subjects that we’re asked about on a regular basis.

Protecting Your Company From External Threats

Use proper document management from the time a document is created until the time it’s destroyed to ensure you minimize the chance of identity theft, corporate espionage, and fraud. These resources give insight on better ways to protect your company from these threats.

Proper Data & Document Destruction

Do you have holes in your document and data disposal program? Use this guide and some more detailed information to help ensure your company’s information security is up to date and eliminating the chance of a data breach.

How to Host a Shredding Event

An in-depth breakdown of how to host a community shredding event, with topics ranging from what a community shredding event is, to why your company should consider sponsoring one, and how to set up and promote your shredding event to ensure its eventual success.

Mishandling Medical Records: A Guide to Preventing Disaster

This in-depth white paper delves into medical records, including what they are the implications of mishandling medical records. We also describe ways healthcare providers can protect themselves and their medical records from data breaches and identity thieves.

Protecting from Electronic Threats, Fraud, Identity Theft, and Corporate Espionage

While digital documents and information have brought many benefits, they also have come with new electronic threats for businesses to be prepared for. This in-depth white paper helps to break down the greatest potential electronic risks to your business and identify sound strategies for protecting from security breaches using services like hard drive shredding and electronic media destruction.

How Will You Handle Home Shredding Projects?

Home shredding is an important aspect of personal safety in homes across the country, but when it comes time to shred paperwork, it’s always a messy chore. Find more information on home shredding service opportunities near you.

The Ins-and-Outs of Drop Off Shredding

When you have documents needing shredding but you don’t have the time to schedule a service in advance, why not just stop by a Shred Nations Drop Off location the next time you’re driving home from work? Learn how with just five minutes you can scratch another chore off your list of things to-do with this in-depth white paper.

Sustainable Paper Shredding: A Shift Toward a Greener Industry

Considering recent data on paper consumption in America, there’s no disputing the need for a greener way of using and reusing paper.

Get the breakdown on how sustainable shredding services are helping to provide homes and businesses searching to dispose sensitive information with the ideal balance of security and environmentally-friendly in this in-depth white paper.

Using Document Shredding to Safeguard Against Data Breaches

Because stolen or lost paper documents have just as much potential to cause a data breach as digital files, businesses need to ensure they have a plan and processes in place to keep hard-copy information protected. Learn how document shredding ensures sensitive documents are secure throughout their entire lifecycle with this in-depth white paper and resources.

Shredding and Document Destruction Categories

Choosing a Shredding Service

Shred Nations offers several different types of shredding services- mobile shredding, offsite shredding, and drop-off shredding. Learn more about the differences between these services-and how you can select the service that works best for you.

Shredding for Businesses—Retention Times, Electronic Media Destruction & More

If you’re a business, there’s a good chance you need to have your document shredded regularly. Learn more about how long you should hold on to your documents, the costs of shredding internally, and things to consider when shredding documents, hard drives, or disposing of other office equipment.

Shredding Laws, Compliance, Security

Security is becoming paramount in the business world—learn more about how you can use compliance and internal security to protect your documents until they are securely destroyed.

Shredding Medical Files, HIPAA, FACTA

With the introduction of HIPAA an FACTA, medical record shredding has become quite a bit more complicated. Here, you’ll find information about these laws, any new updates on regulations, and some information on how to dispose of PHI and medical records properly.

Residential Shredding

If you’re shredding document from home, we have some tips and tricks to help you determine what to keep, what to shred, and recommendations on which service to use that comes to your house.

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