Shredding your documents yourself does not save money


Sure! There are definitely reliable shredders that you can purchase or rent for your business or your home—but there’s a few myths out there that we want to address before we make a recommendation to shred all your documents internally:

Myth #1: Shredding Documents Myself Will Keep My Information Secure

Federal and state laws require all organizations to protect confidential and personal information from unauthorized access and disclosure. If you don’t have authorized employees shredding your documents, you’re putting your organization in a precarious situation.

No matter how much you trust that employee, you have to protect your company against internal theft of information and human error, which could result in sensitive information ending up in a dumpster or leaked to your competitors. If you don’t secure your shredding process from start to finish, you run the risk of a breach.


Myth #2: Shredding Documents Internally Will Save Money

Everything in your company makes or costs you money. Besides the cost of renting or purchasing a shredder, several other costs are associated with shredding your documents internally:

  • The first cost is hourly rate of the employee doing the shredding. Even if you use your lowest paid employee who just does the shredding minimally, the odds are you’re close to- or more than- the cost of one trip from a mobile shredding truck.
  • Then, you need to consider cost of ongoing rentals, maintenance, and replacement shredders. Regular shredding causes wear and tear, and even if you’re not renting a shredder every month, it’s still an expense on top of the labor to shred your documents.
  • If dust is a concern, shredding documents at your office generates a large amount of it.  No matter where you shred your documents, there is a risk of adding additional particulates in the air, which could compromise sensitive equipment.

Individually, these costs don’t seem to be very high—but if you add up the costs over the course of a year, you’d be surprised how much you spend monthly on these seemingly trivial things.


Myth #3: Renting An Industrial Shredder Is Easy—and It’ll Take Care of My Shredding in One Fell Swoop

This is an option—but the leap from office shredder to industrial shredder is more than just super-sizing your shredding abilities. Industrial shredders are an entirely different technology that requires more power—as well as an entirely different plug and electrical system.

If you have heavy industrial equipment on site, you might be okay—but most office buildings don’t want to upgrade their entire electrical system for a few days of shredding. Our shredders chew through 20,000 pounds of paper an hour. We guarantee you will save money by having us do the shredding for you.

All this being said, if you want to rent or buy a shredder for your office, we won’t stop you—but we do suggest that you get a free quote on mobile shredding or off site shredding, especially if you have a large amount of documents to shred.