Can I Drop My Papers Off at Your Location?

Drop off shredding services are designed specifically for small shredding projects. Additionally, we have locations in every state and major cities. If you have a few boxes of paper to shred, our drop-off locator can help you find the nearest shredding location.

We also offer drop off shredding through Ship ‘N’ Shred. This is a convenient and easy process. You just box up the files you’re looking to shred, print your label, and drop it off at any FedEx Ground location. Additionally, you could schedule a FedEx pick up for them to come to you.

Drop off shredding is perfect for smaller project less than 100 lbs. Additionally, there are different reasons this may be a good service for you, including price, scheduling, security, and ease of use.

Can I Drop My Papers Off at Your Location?Charged by the Pound

Our drop-off locations charge you by the pound. This means items can be shred no matter how much you have or what size, thickness, or paper style. The nationwide average price for drop-off shredding is $1.00 per pound.

If you have more than three boxes, it is more cost-efficient to use a mobile shredding service. You can use our free conversion tool to estimate the amount of paper you have to shred. 

For larger projects, mobile shredding is a good option because it does not scale the costs because of weight. It is a standard set price for paper between 100-300 lbs.

No Scheduling Required

For drop-off shredding, there is no need to schedule an appointment. Most of our retail shredding locations are open MondaySaturday, so you can take care of your shredding on your schedule.

Depending on the location near you, shredding can be done most of the days of the week. You can drop off your shredding on your schedule.

Services are Still Secure and Reliable

Every drop off location has secure, locked bins to place the documents to be shred. After it’s full, a professional shredding company takes the bin to a secure facility to be properly destroyed and recycled.

Can I Drop My Papers Off at Your Location?Don’t Have to Remove Paper Clips or Staples

There’s no requirement to take the extra time to remove staples, paper clips, or even file folders from your documents. This makes it easy to quickly pack up your papers to shred.

However, it’s important to sort through your documents before you shred them, so you don’t accidentally shred something you might need in the future.

Drop off shredding is always one of the first options for small shredding projects. Additionally, Shred Nations makes finding your local, drop off shredding center easy. Before you select a location near you, be sure to consider all your options, especially if you end up having a bigger pile of documents than you thought you had.

Start the Shredding Process Today

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