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Did you know that your Hard Drives and Cell Phones contain more private information than hundreds of boxes of paper that could put you or your company at risk?


Secure & Compliant Law Firm Document Shredding

Navigating the intricate landscape of legal paperwork demands a fortified defense to shield your data, clients, and firm’s reputation amidst stringent federal privacy laws and industry regulations. Mishandling confidential documents can expose vulnerabilities leading to data breaches, eroded trust, and damaging litigation – a reality well-known to legal offices. Our specialized legal document shredding services are meticulously crafted to align with the industry’s rigorous demands.

We recognize the challenges legal professionals face in balancing data security, compliance, and operational efficiency. By tailoring solutions to these concerns, we not only ensure compliance but also alleviate the financial strain of managing paper-based records and mitigate legal and financial risks tied to improper document disposal. With Shred Nations’ partners, you’re not merely meeting standards; you’re proactively safeguarding your legal practice. We can help find the right provider for you to meet your office’s needs.

Service Options for Legal Offices

Mobile Shredding

Our mobile shredding services are tailored to meet the specific needs of the legal industry, providing a secure and convenient solution for handling sensitive documents. Mobile shredding brings the shredding process directly to your law firm’s doorstep. This ensures that confidential legal documents are efficiently and securely disposed of on-site, granting you peace of mind and maintaining compliance with data protection regulations.

Scheduled Shredding

Scheduled shredding services cater specifically to the needs of law offices, ensuring seamless and secure disposal of sensitive documents. With predetermined intervals tailored to your workflow, the service maintains consistent compliance with data protection regulations and the preservation of client confidentiality. With scheduled shredding services, you can focus on your legal practice while maintaining the highest standards of document security.

Document Scanning

Revolutionize your legal document management with our comprehensive scanning services designed exclusively for the legal sector. We offer a seamless transition from paper to digital, enabling your law firm to streamline operations and access critical information with ease. Our advanced scanning technology ensures impeccable image quality and accurate indexing, empowering you to quickly locate and retrieve essential legal documents.

Electronic Destruction

Safeguard sensitive legal data by entrusting our specialized electronics destruction services. Whether it’s old computers, hard drives, or other electronic equipment, our providers employ industry-leading techniques to render data irretrievable while adhering to all relevant regulations. Your law firm can confidently bid farewell to outdated technology, minimizing data breach risks and maintaining the integrity of your client’s confidential information.

Tips for Information Management in the Legal Industry

Privacy laws continuously change to stay effective. Law firms need to adapt their record management to stay organized and in compliance. Here are some tips that will save you time and keep your information safe:

Use a DMS

A document management system (DMS) provides centralized storage for your digital records. Digital conversion eliminates clutter, reduces errors, and organizes your records more efficiently.

After conversion, paper copies should be destroyed (with client consent). Shredding is a compliant and secure destruction method. Check with your state bar association for guidance on retention periods and how to communicate destruction policies to your clients.

Create a RIM Policy

Create a records information management (RIM) policy. The policy should:

  • Identify the legal requirements for the retention period by record type

  • Clearly define the records' lifecycle

  • Determine storage parameters

  • Designate responsibilities and restrictions

  • Include a compliance policy

  • Include a destruction process for records that includes a reputable Shred Nations provider

Legal Industry Regulations & Information

ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct, Rule 1.15


ABA Model Rules of Professional Conduct indicate client records should be kept and preserved for some time after ending representation. Record retention periods vary by state and by the type of record.

Fair & Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA)


The FACTA disposal rule requires the permanent destruction of sensitive documentation to protect clients from identity theft and other abuses of information. Non-compliance can lead to heavy penalties.

Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA)


GLBA applies to legal practices when handling real estate closings, financial issues, or estate planning. It requires firms to carefully select a shredding company and give written permission for the destruction of their documents.

Health Insurance Portability & Accountability Act (HIPAA)


HIPPA applies to firms handling cases that involve personal injury claims, workers’ compensation, medical malpractice, or other medical information. It also requires selecting a reliable shredding company and providing permission for destruction.

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