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Did you know that your Hard Drives and Cell Phones contain more private information than hundreds of boxes of paper that could put you or your company at risk?


Scheduled Shredding for Businesses

Shredding services can help businesses ensure that the private information they collect and use is protected. Scheduled shredding assists in minimizing the risk of valuable information being lost, stolen, or misplaced, and also in ensuring documents never accumulate past a certain point. 

Many business continually consume paper and require more regular shredding. This is why setting up a consistent, recurring shredding service is best. A recurring service eliminates the planning and sets it in place up front.

Document shredding is an important piece of resposible document management. If you have documents that are almost finished with their retention periods, old files, or private information that regualrly needs to be disposed of, consider scheduled shredding services.

Types of Shredding Services to Schedule

There are two secure methods for your shredding services: mobile shredding and off-site shredding. In both cases, you will receive a certificate of destruction for your records to prove that the shredding has been completed safely.


Mobile Shredding

A mobile truck will arrive at your location and shred your documents entirely onsite. This convenient method is extremely secure. Shredding on site allows for you to witness the shredding for ease of mind and for those under strict compliance standards. 


Off Site Shredding

One of Shred Nations’ trusted partners will pick up your documents and safely transport them to a local, monitored facility. This service is ideal for those that do not want to or need to witness the shredding occur.

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Scheduled Shredding FAQs

How does scheduled shredding work?


1. Think about how often you might need shredding and what types of materials will need to be destroyed regularly.

2. Call, live chat, or email Shred Nations to get free, customized quotes on scheduled shredding services. We have real people who are ready to respond to you within minutes. We can answer any questions you may have about our services, security, and what options might be the best fit for your business.

3. Secure shred bins come in a variety of sizes to best store your documents in between shredding sessions. There are three main categories of bins:

Personal Shred Containers: Small containers that can fit under a desk or on a countertop, best for low-volume workspaces. 

Standard Shred Containers: Can hold 75-100 pounds of paper, designed for the average office. 

Shredding Carts and Totes: Can hold 32-175 gallon capacities, best for high-volume workspaces.

Your provider can help you decide which is best for your project and company!


4. Is mobile or off-site shredding best for you? Shred Nations and your provider can provide various pricing options and information on both services. 


5. Look forward to your first shredding session. A certificate of destruction is included with every shredding service and verifies the compliant destruction of your documents for your records. This is important for businesses to create a security system with minimized liability in the event of a data breach.

Are scheduled shredding services secure?


If your business consistently produces a large amount of documents with confidential data, scheduled shredding is the best way to prevent buildup and keep this information secure. We partner with certified shredding companies that have strict hiring policies, chain of custody protocols, and limited access to your documents throughout the shredding process. In addition, they provide locking shred bins to keep your documents safe while you await your shred day.

What are shred bins?


Shred bins are equipped with secure hasps so that the lid can be padlocked to prevent unauthorized access to documents waiting for shredding. To avoid needing to regularly unlock containers, shred bins are designed to be like a mailbox with a one-way slot for depositing documents for shredding. To find which shred bin suits you best, you first need to calculate how much paper you collect between shredding.

Will my service provider provide the shred bins?


Yes, your service provider will give you their options of shred bins to choose from and will give them to you before your shred day to keep your documents in.

How often can I get my papers shredded?


You can schedule your services anywhere from weekly, monthly, quarterly, or any other custom timeframe that best fits your shredding needs. 

What is a certificate of destruction?


certificate of destruction is a formal document that provides details about the destruction of your papers and ensures the shredding process complies with all state and federal security laws. It includes details such as the transaction number, chain of custody, terms and conditions, collection date, location of the destruction, and more.

What is mobile shredding?


Mobile shredding service sends a shred truck to your location to shred your documents onsite while you watch. Your shred bin will be returned to you right away to hold your documents for the next service. Learn more about mobile shredding.

What is off-site shredding?


Off-site shredding services send a large truck to your location to pick up your documents and safely haul them to a secure offsite facility for shredding. Your service provider will return your shred bin once the shredding is complete for your next shred day. Learn more about offsite shredding.

What is HIPAA?


The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) helps regulate and protect protected health information (PHI). Covered entities must implement reasonable safeguards, limit incidental uses, and avoid prohibited uses and disclosures of PHI, including the proper disposal of this information.

What is FERPA and PPRA?


The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) and the Protection of Pupil Rights Amendment (PPRA) require information protection of all educational records and personal data.

What is FACTA?


The Fair and Accurate Credit Transaction Act (FACTA) requires anyone who uses information from any type of consumer report for a business purpose must dispose of the information securely and properly. Disposal must be sufficient enough so that the data can’t be reconstructed in any way.

How much do recurring services cost?


If you choose mobile shredding, it can cost between $130-$175 for a project of 1-10 boxes. If you choose off-site shredding, it can cost around $110-$130 for a project of 1-10 boxes. These prices will depend on your location, the size of your project, the frequency of services, and other factors. Once you contact us with the details of your project, we can give you a more accurate price quote.

Are my paper shreds recycled?


Yes, with all shredding services, the shreds will be taken to a recycling facility to be pulped and made into new paper products.

HIPAA and Shredding

Maintaining the confidentiality and security of individuals’ personal information is of paramount importance, which underscores the significance of adhering to HIPAA regulations. HIPAA, or the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, sets forth stringent guidelines for safeguarding medical and health-related data. Pertinently, these regulations extend to the realm of document shredding. Given the sensitive nature of medical records and health-related documents, proper shredding becomes a critical process. Conforming to HIPAA standards during document shredding is pivotal in upholding privacy, mitigating risks of unauthorized access, and ensuring the integrity of personal information.

Legal Practices and Scheduled Shredding

Establishing a recurring shredding service can offer substantial benefits to legal practices. In the legal field, confidentiality and data protection are paramount. Legal documents often contain sensitive client information, proprietary details, and confidential case materials. By implementing a recurring shredding service, legal practices can consistently dispose of outdated files and documents securely. This proactive approach ensures compliance with data protection regulations, such as HIPAA and GDPR, reducing the risk of unauthorized access or data breaches. Moreover, a scheduled shredding service streamlines operations, saving valuable time and resources that would otherwise be spent manually sorting and disposing of documents. Ultimately, maintaining a recurring shredding service underscores a legal practice’s commitment to safeguarding client privacy, maintaining professional standards, and enhancing overall efficiency.

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