Scheduled Shredding ServicesShredding services can help businesses ensure that the private information they collect and use is protected. Scheduled shredding assists in minimizing the risk of valuable information being lost, stolen, or misplaced, and also in ensuring documents never accumulate past a certain point. 

How Scheduled Shredding Services Work

Choose a Document Shredding Schedule

Determine how often you need shredding, and then you can work with your provider to set up a predetermined schedule. 

Choose Your Secure Shred Bins

Secure shred bins come in a variety of sizes to best store your documents in between shredding sessions. There are three main categories of bins: 

  • Personal Shred Containers: Small containers that can fit under a desk or on a countertop, best for low-volume workspaces. 
  • Standard Shred Containers: Can hold 75-100 pounds of paper, designed for the average office. 
  • Shredding Carts and Totes: Can hold 32-175 gallon capacities, best for high-volume workspaces.

Choose Your Service

There are two secure methods for your shredding services: mobile shredding and off-site shredding. 

Mobile Shredding

A mobile truck will arrive at your location and shred your documents entirely onsite. This convenient method is best for mid-sized shredding projects under 300 pounds. 

Offsite Shredding

We will pick up your documents and safely transport them to a local, monitored facility. This is the most affordable service for high-volume shredding.

Receive a Certificate of Destruction

A certificate of destruction is included with every shredding service and verifies the compliant destruction of your documents for your records. This is important for businesses to create a security system with minimized liability in the event of a data breach. 

Schedule Ongoing Shredding Services with Shred Nations Today

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