Offsite Paper or Document Shredding is when a professional shredding company picks up your documents in locked bins and transports them to be shredded in a secure facility.  Since we use shredders that are too big to fit in a truck, off site shredding gives you the ability and convenience to have someone pick up your documents to be shredded at an exceptional price.

Off site shredding is a better option for high-volume shredding projects

If you’re planning to shred a tremendously large volume of documents, an off site shredding service will offer you the convenience of being able to have your documents picked up at a significantly better price point than a mobile shredding service.  Typically, you could save anywhere from $1 to $2 per box by using an off shredding company (but those prices vary depending on location and provider).

Your documents are co-mingled

Since all your documents are picked up and shredded with everyone else’s documents that used the same service, there’s a better chance that no one will be able to take your shredded documents and re-assemble them.  Since industrial shredders at secure plants shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper an hour, there’s a minimal risk of your company being exposed to a data breach.

You can easily schedule regular shredding jobs

Just like a mobile shredding service, off site shredding companies give you the ability to have a regularly scheduled shredding management plan, or a regularly scheduled purge.  Ongoing pickups eliminate excess documents in your office, and reduce the chance of documents being compromised or misplaced.

Off site shredding is still a secure way to shred your documents

Although there’s other options that allow you to witness your documents being shredded while you watch, off site shredding still provides a secure, reliable option for a one-time purge or an ongoing shredding project.

Since all documents are placed in locked bins and transported to a secure facility, there’s minimal risk of any kind of breach or security issue.  When your project is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction that states the specifics of when your documents were shredded.

If you have concerns about security and want to ensure your documents are destroyed immediately, a mobile shredding service might the way to go.