Schedule A Shredding Event

Shredding EventsShred events allow community members to safely dispose of their personal files in a safe and convenient way. With shred events, a mobile shred truck is stationed at a central location for community members to access for a small fee, a donation, or for free. 

Host a Shred Event In Your Community

Hosting a shred event in your neighborhood is an excellent way to prove your commitment to your community, as well as provide a safe and convenient way for people to keep their private data safe. 

It also helps to ensure information security, is beneficial for the environment, and can raise awareness for the business or charity hosting the event. Here is how it works:

Choose a Location:

Choose a central location to support efficiencies, such as a school or church parking lot. 

Coordinate with a Shredder:

Shred Nations can connect you with shredders in your area so you can choose one that best fits your needs

Recruit Volunteers: 

You’ll need greeters, promoters, and coordinators, so be sure to ask friends, family, employees, and other community members. 

Promote Your Event:

Be sure to advertise throughout your community, and on social media, local newspapers, and local news stations.

Find a Reliable Shredder for Your Paper Shredding Event

Let Shred Nations help you find the best shredder for your needs. Call us at (800) 747-3365, or fill out our form for free quotes on your next shredding event.