About Shred Nations

SDB cover - beyond shreddingShred Nations is the only national, online marketplace that instantly connects local shredders with verified shredding customers.

We opened our first shredding operation in Denver in 1980. Our first location grew into the largest shredder in Colorado offering mobile and plant based shredding services. We went on to install the largest paper shredder in the United States at the time.

In 2003 we launched shrednations.com, an online national shredding marketplace, to simplify the shredding process and help everyone easily find the right shredding solution for their needs. With experience in the shredding business of over 35 years, Shred Nations is your first choice for secure destruction solutions. We have helped people all over the country find the right shredding service.

With a network of over 5,000 shredding locations across North America, the Shred Nations network has a shredding service for almost every state, city, and town.

We can provide you with everything from national shredding contracts to a local shredding company. From one box at your home to one million boxes in a storage facility, from one office to ten thousand offices, from a one-time purge service to a daily service, from paper to computers, Shred Nations is your one-stop shredding finder.

We believe in finding the right solution for your needs. Our shredding solutions also include Ship ‘n’ Shred. Shred Nations and Record Nations, all are trademarks of DataGuard USA.

History of Shred Nations

Recycle Today magazine cover 1977 – TRI-R Systems was founded by David Powelson as a limited partnership to engage in recycling of paper, aluminum cans, and metal. At that time one-stop recycling was revolutionary. Scrap metal, waste paper, and containers were all recycled through different entities. Even the word recycling had not yet been printed in dictionaries and it was not a category in the Yellow Pages.

1980 – Shredding confidential records started as a service to help companies comply with privacy requirements.

1994 – DataGuard USA is formed when it became clear that shredding was an extension of corporate security and required a higher level of oversight than our existing recycling customers.

1999 – The first Shred Nations website is launched to help customers across North America.

2003 – Shred Nations is registered as a trade name. Regional and local providers join the Shred Nations network to offer secure national shredding services across North America.

2006 – Scanning and Records Storage services offered through Record Nations.

2013 – Shred Nations serves shredding customer 200,000. Opens network of drop off shredding locations to better serve homes with limited volumes to shred.

2014 – Shred Nations serves shredding customer 300,000.

2016 – The Medical Waste Pros brand is launched and begins to serve customers seeking secure medical waste disposal solutions.

2017 – Shred Nations partners with UPS to provide solutions nationwide for small-volume shredding customers.

2018 – Shred Nations serves shredding customer 1,000,000 and continues to grow as we expand our services into Canada.

2024 – A new brand was launched, ShredTronics, to offer electronics destruction and recycling to residents and businesses nationwide.

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