What is Witnessed Shredding?

Mobile shred service organizing community shred event alternative renting industrial shredderJust as it sounds, witnessed shredding is having the ability to observe the shredding process.

It’s usually associated with mobile shredding services, but it can also be available at shredding plants, independent shredding companies, and even some drop off locations.

Different Ways to Witness Your Shredding

There are several ways you can witness your shredding project:

Witness From Your Curb with Mobile Shredding

When you use mobile shredding, a truck will come to you where you can watch your documents go into the shredding truck. This is a convenient service because you don’t have to leave your home or office, the shredder comes to you.

Watch From a Closed Circuit TV at a Shredding Facility

With offsite shredding, you may observe through a closed-circuit television as your documents are shredded into indecipherable pieces at their facility.

The Value of Witnessed Shredding

Cross Cut Paper Shreds are SecureBy witnessing your shredding, you can have the peace of mind that your personal or company documents are destroyed while you watch. It also helps to ensure the chain of custody that your files remain secure until you receive a certificate of destruction.

HIPAA laws require proof of secure destruction, so witnessed shredding is the ideal solution

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