Product Destruction & Recycling Services

Product Destruction & Recycling ServicesProduct destruction services are available to safely dispose of unwanted products that cannot return to the marketplace. Whether the products are defective, damaged, recalled, expired, or discontinued; Shred Nations will make sure that your items are thoroughly destroyed.

Shredding excess or faulty products ensures that they remain out of circulation. Depending on the types of products you have, we will use a variety of destruction methods to fit your specific needs. We quickly dispose of high volumes of products and provide destruction verification for your records.

How Important is Product Destruction?

Product destruction protects your brand in several ways. Whether you are facing a product recall, patent infringement issues, or an overstock of products; our destruction services will help you safely and affordably dispose of your items.

Protect Brand Standards

Defective, recalled, or outdated products can hold your business back. Destruction gives you control over the products available to consumers, protecting brand standards.

Eliminate Liability

When defective items are resold and used unsafely, your company is at risk. Eliminate your liability by disposing of items that could lead to safety hazards or litigation.

Security & Compliance

Our destruction companies safely destroy products to meet industry mandates. We carefully track the chain of custody, quickly dispose of your items, and provide a certificate of destruction.

Accepted Products for Destruction

Shred Nations provides product destruction for a wide range of businesses, in any industry. Our destruction companies are legally compliant and fully certified to destroy products completely and confidentially. Here is a list of accepted products:

  • Branded Apparel
  • Overstocked Items
  • Damaged or Defective Goods
  • Promotional Items
  • Product Recalls
  • Factory Overruns
  • Returned Items
  • Electronics
  • Liquids and Corrosives
  • Pharmaceuticals and more

Contact Shred Nations to Properly Destroy Your Products

Product destruction is available nationwide with our trusted and reliable shredding companies. Contact us to find services in your area. Call (800) 747-3365 or fill out the form, and we will send you free quotes from local providers in just minutes. We are confident that we can connect you with great services and unbeatable prices.