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Document Storage

Effective document management is centered on organized record storage. Proper storage makes an important difference in reducing inefficiencies and streamlining workflow. Companies should rethink their document storage practices to save space, increase security, and accelerate access.

Records storage and document management systems (DMS) provide methods to store and access your files. Our physical and digital storage options offer a wide range of features to help you control and protect your information. Improve organization at your office, reduce the risk of losing files, and mitigate the possibility of leaked data by storing off site and electronically.

Shred Nations offers several storage options to safely store your physical and digital files. Our innovative solutions provide structure and cut costs. Connect with our records storage experts to help you select the right storage system for your business today.

Types of Records Storage Solutions

Off-Site Records Storage

Features: RFID document tracking; Physical & digital retrieval; Climate control, temperature monitoring, fire & flood detection, and suppression technology; 24/7 monitoring & live patrol; Strict access controls; Closed-loop document cycle/retention program.

Cloud Services

Features: Indexing and keyword search; Internet accessible; Documents backed up in a data storage facility; Encryption; Password protection; Versioning, file previews

Document Management Systems (DMS)

Features: Indexing, full-text search; Internet accessible; Automatic archiving; Encryption; Role-based access, customizable permissions; Retention schedules & scheduled alerts; Versioning, audit trails, real-time notifications, customization; Document processing & e-signature solutions; Workflow automation


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