document management take full document inventoryDocument storage and document management systems (DMS) can optimize the way your business’s files and records are managed, allowing for more productivity and quicker retrieval times for your employees.

Shred Nations can help conduct your records management queries with storage services from locally-based and operated service providers. The following document storage service options are available to fit your business’s individual needs.

Document Storage

If you have too many physical documents at your location that aren’t required in day-to-day operations, physical document storage services can house them for you. This service option will:

  • Save precious real estate at your location for more productive uses
  • Store your documents in climate-controlled facilities under 24-hour surveillance
  • Allow for quick-retrieval services to get your documents delivered when you need them

If you’re looking to move to a digital file system, there are also secure, cloud storage options available.

Document Scanning

Document scanning services allow you to transition to a paperless office with faster and simpler access to your files.

With trained professionals who have helped countless companies in upgrading to a digital file system, our service providers can perform all your scanning at your location or off site.

Document Management Systems

Document management systems (DMS) take your files and store them on an in-house server that provides a tagging and indexing system for a completely optimized records system.

A DMS increases your employees’ productivity instantly because you no longer have to search through filing cabinets and folders.

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