How Much Shredding Do I Have?

Paper Shredding Conversion Tool

With our easy-to-use conversion calculator, you can determine how many boxes of paper you need shredded based on your current method of storage.

  1. Select your current method of storage for paper that needs shredding (Bag, Filing Cabinets, File Boxes, or Pallets) in the right hand box.
  2. Type in the number that corresponds to the quantity of storage type you have.
  3. Click the button below, and your storage amount will convert to the equivalent number of boxes instantly!

Our shredding providers use the number of boxes of paper as a reference to provide an accurate estimate for your shredding service. Your paper doesn’t need to be in a box.

Please note that Bankers Box is a brand name. They make boxes of different sizes as do Fellows, Office Depot, and U-Haul. A standard file box is 15″x”12″x10″.

Don't Know How Many Boxes You Have?

Use this handy calculator to convert other volumes into numbers of boxes if you are unsure.