Do the Materials I Shred Get Recycled?

how sustainable paper shredding balance security environmentMaterials Shredded At Home Can’t Be Recycled

Although paper products are the most common recyclables, due to the small size, paper shreds can’t be sorted from other materials. This means most recycling plants won’t accept paper shreds from individuals.

While you may not be able to take them in, many recycling plants do partner with nearby shredding providers who are able to bring in paper bits in enough bulk that they can be recycled exclusively.

Service Providers Can Recycle Paper Shreds

Fortunately, recycling is the final step for shredding services like mobile or offsite shredding. You’re provided a certificate of destruction with details including chain of custody, date and time of service, location, and witnesses, and afterwards the paper shreds are taken to be pulped and recycled.

Shredded paper from a facility is good for recycling because it is clean, relatively free from other contaminants.

How Are Paper Shreds Recycled?

Generally, the final stages of creating paper from reclaimed material is similar to that of the original process except that recycled papers need to be de-inked. During the pulping process, the fibers are pulverized and mixed with water to help separate the impurities. The ink from shreds is removed through a flotation process where air is blown into the watery pulp. The ink sticks to the bubbles and rises to the surface where it is swept away. This leaves the remaining fibers ready to bleach, leaving your information gone without a trace.

Therefore, if you are looking to properly dispose of sensitive information and help the environment, using a mobile or offsite shredding service does both.

Find a Shredding Provider to Shred and Recycle Your Materials

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