Hard Drive Destruction in the Bronx

the bronx new york city shredding serviceIs there a closet corner in your home or office packed with old hard drives, CDs, and computers that could use a dusting—or two? Think twice before you haul them out to the trash heap during spring cleaning, as these older technologies are now becoming the targets for security breaches.

With the right software, information on old electronics that have been erased or formatted can still be recovered by data thieves to plunder. Luckily, however, there is no software capable of extracting your sensitive information from devices that have been shredded.

Maintaining confidentiality can be a difficult job, and this is why its is even more important to take the necessary steps in order to eliminating the possibility for accidental disclosure. If hard drives are not properly destroyed, the information can still be recovered in the future. This can lead to thieves stealing your information, and using it for malicious intent. Hard drive shredding is the only way to know for sure your information is completely destroyed.

With hard drive destruction services from our providers at Shred Nations Bronx, you not only can get your electronics safely and securely destroyed, you can have them shredded for a price that doesn’t break the bank. A few top examples of the digital media which can contain sensitive information include:

      • Computer Hard Drives
      • Portable Thumb or Flash Drives
      • CDs and DVDs
      • X-Rays and Medical Records
      • Cell Phones

Whether you’re across the river in Newark, on Long Island itself, or in the surrounding New York City area, Shred Nations Bronx has you covered—providing the hard drive shredding and electronic media destruction services you need to ensure your information is protected.

How Hard Drive Destruction from Shred Nations Bronx Works

      1. Electronic Media Destruction Process Bronx, NYTo begin, submit a quote request by simply filling out the form for a free estimate, or by giving us a call at (718) 303-0768. Within minutes, you’ll be contacted with competing quotes from the top electronic media destruction specialists in the New York City area.

      2. After selecting a provider and scheduling your project, a certified electronics destruction specialist can come to your home or business to collect your materials. If it’s more convenient, we also include the option to have your electronic media shipped to a secure shredding facility for destruction.

      3. Once the materials have been collected, they’re transported and fully destroyed at a secure electronics destruction facility. When the destruction process finished, the shredded bits of digital media are separated into component pieces before being finally recycled.

How Secure Is Hard Drive Destruction from Shred Nations Bronx?

Considering recent headlines on massive data breaches, new hard drive shredding standards from the National Security Agency and Department of Defense require strict adherence to their security regulations.

To assure customers of their compliance with these federal regulations, hard drive destruction specialists typically provide official certificates of destruction once service is complete—detailing the date and location of its destruction as well as the chain of custody for your media.

Additionally, it is critical to follow the necessary industry regulations such as HIPAA and FACTA. Secure partners ensure confidentiality, security, and complete compliance through the shredding process.

Get Free Quotes on Hard Drive Destruction in the Bronx

If you want to truly ensure your sensitive information has been truly removed from your electronics, let Shred Nations Bronx provide the absolute destruction you’re searching for with our hard drive destruction services.

To learn more or get started today, just fill out the form for a free estimate, or simply give us a call at (718) 303-0768.

Within minutes of receiving your request, you’ll be contacted with a list of free quotes for the top hard drive destruction specialists in the Bronx and NYC’s surrounding boroughs.

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