Protect your company against corporate espionage and fraudCorporate espionage has been a thorn in the side of business owners since the 1800’s.  The more information you can protect, the better chances you have of saving your corporate secrets from being exposed to the public or your competitors.

Learn more about how to prevent corporate espionage, and ways that corporate spies can use your information against you.

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Shredding Helps Prevent Corporate Espionage

Even though the days of dumpster diving for information are winding down, corporate espionage is still a major factor in business today. There’s several ways a corporate spy can infiltrate your company—take the proper steps to avoid this from happening.

The Best Corporate Espionage Stories

Corporate espionage is defined as any operation or act conducted by one company to gain a competitive advantage over another. We have compiles some true stories of corporate espionage and how you can make your company more secure.

10 Things Corporate Spies Don’t Want Shredding Contractors to Know

There are two types of corporate spies: your competitors that spy on you, and “unfriendlies” that spy on your clients.  As a business owner, you must guard against both types from violating your security protocol. Here’s 10 things they don’t want you to know.

Prevent Fraud with Proper Document Management

Fraud is a huge problem for individuals and companies- there are information thieves that send out mail, email, and even online advertisements that try to take advantage of trusting customers and employees. Here’s some of the things we recommend to ensure you have all your bases covered to prevent fraud on behalf of or inside your company.

Don’t let a Corporate Spy or A Costly Data Breach Kill Your Business—Shred Your Documents Today!

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