Document destruction services ensure that your confidential data remains secure. First and foremost, these services protect your personal information to help you avoid the increasing threat of identity theft. Additionally, these services protect your business’s sensitive information to maintain your reputation, and comply with applicable privacy laws. Information security should be a top priority for any company. 

Document shredding, on a small or large scale, is one of the easiest ways to prevent information theft. Also, secure document destruction keeps your private data safe and confidential from potential outside threats. Both businesses and residences can greatly benefit from information security. Document destruction is a simple way you can keep your data secure.  

Document Destruction for Information Protection

A document destruction program can easily prevent data loss and identity theft. With a reliable document destruction service, your files and documents are carefully shredded, eliminating the risks associated with data security loss. You can even regularly schedule destruction services to help you pre-schedule your shredding for added convenience. If you do not regularly accumulate enough papers, you can also choose do a bulk shredding service and get rid of all of the papers you need to.

Remember: Anything placed in the public trash is considered public property per the Supreme Court. Make sure to properly destroy any documents that contain private information.

Secure Document Destruction Services

Depending on the service you choose, your document destruction service can be performed on-site while you watch or handled by professionals off site.

Whichever service you decide is best for you, a certificate of destruction will be provided for all of your documents. This details the time and location of your document destruction and ensures a secure chain of custody.

Get Free Quotes on Document Destruction Services

Whether you have a small box of papers or an entire room full of documents, our certified shredding partners can provide you with high-quality destruction services to keep your private information out of the wrong hands.

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