Let Record Nations help you implement a Shred-All Policy for your officeDocument shredding is a critical piece of any document management plan.  It’s critical to make sure that documents that have personal, financial, or sensitive business information are retained as long as they need to be.

Once a company is no longer required to hold on to them, they should be securely shredded to limit liability and free up storage space. One of the biggest questions to consider is what documents should be destroyed- and who makes that decision.

Implementing a shredding policy where certain documents are destroyed can be effective.  Secure bins are placed in common areas and employees are allowed to determine what documents need to be shredded, and which documents can just be recycled.  It gives a sense of security and ensures that most of the documents that should be destroyed are disposed of properly.

Another option that is extremely effective is a Shred-All Policy.  It’s really as simple as it sounds- once a document is no longer useful or necessary, it’s shredded.  That way, there’s no question about what type of document needs to be retained.

It leaves little room for a data breach, and provides a simple solution to what can become a complex problem by eliminating a decision-making process on what to shred and what not to shred.  If given the choice, it’s always wise to error on the side of caution, which is why a Shred-All policy makes sense.  There are several reasons to implement this policy in your company.

As we always reiterate, you need to be sure to consult with legal representation and check that you are in compliance with local and national laws before implementing any program or policy for your company.

Less Risk of Security Breaches

A Shred-All Policy helps prevent data breaches.Every company should do everything they can to eliminate data breaches.  It could your company hundreds of thousands of dollars when an unassuming employee accidentally leaves boxes of sensitive documents on a driveway.

There’s a lot of data breaches related to paper documents due to someone making a mistake.  Eliminating the chance for someone to make that mistake makes a whole lot of sense.

A Shred-All Policy will take these types of mistakes out of the equation by removing the requirement to make those decisions and ensuring that no one in your company makes an $800,000 mistake.


Identity theft and corporate espionage is a growing problem for businesses.  Accidentally exposing your customers or employees personal information comes with grave consequences.  If you’re a small business owner, there’s a chance that you could lose your business with just one breach.

Besides the business risks, there are also specific laws and regulations to protect consumers and ensure that personal information is protected.  Some of these laws are listed below- click on the links to learn more about them.

A Shred-All Policy will not only help your company comply with all the complex laws and regulations of your industry.  Since all documents are destroyed after their appropriate retention times, you eliminate the need to update these policies as current laws change or new laws are added.


Educating your employees to make a decision on which document(s) need to be shredded takes time and money.  Every time the policy changes, a training session needs to be in place to make sure that you don’t have a security breach.

You also have to consider the time and effort it takes for managers to ensure the policy is being enforced.  Wouldn’t you rather have them working on growing your business and improving your employee’s performance?

That’s the beauty of a Shred-All Policy.

  • It’s easy to teach. Once you’re done with it- shred it.
  • It’s easy to enforce. Shred your documents.  Don’t keep them.
  • It’s low maintenance. Eliminate costly training sessions and free up your manager’s time

The most important thing is to make sure your policy is enforceable.  By having an employee sign a document stating they understand the policy, you have a way to hold them accountable if they don’t adhere to it.

Environmentally Friendly

Let Record Nations help you implement a Shred-All Policy to help decrease your environmental impactA Shred-All Policy also has an unexpected positive.  Virtually all shredding companies recycle 100% of the shredded paper produced from documents like the ones in your office.

If a company was throwing away 60% of their documents before they implemented the policy, implementing a Shred-All Policy will increase the amount of paper they recycle significantly.

There’s a lot of benefits to having a Shred-All Policy in place.  Not only will it make your shredding process easier, it will save your company time, decrease the risk of a data breach, and allow you to recycle all the documents that you shred.  It just might be worth considering.

Are You Implementing a Shred-All Policy?  Shred Nations Can Help!

Before you have a Shred-All Policy in place, it’s important to make sure you have the right document shredding company that can pick up your documents or shred them on site.

Shred Nations offers secure document shredding services for businesses, and government agencies throughout the United States.  We have several options to keep up with your ongoing shredding- we can schedule a truck to pick up your paper for off site shredding, or we can even send a mobile shredding truck to your office so you can ensure it’s securely destroyed while you watch.

To get started, fill out the form to the right, or give us a call at (800) 747-3365.  Within minutes, you’ll have free, no obligation quotes from secure, professional shredding companies in your area.