Commercial Shredding ServicesRunning a business is multifaceted and complex. You have many responsibilities to juggle including protecting your customers, employees, and ideas from theft. Shredding is quick, affordable theft protection that will maintain confidentiality for your business. 

All documents containing private information should be properly destroyed. Professional shredding services thoroughly dispose of your paperwork, making your information inaccessible and secure. Shred Nations provides a variety of shredding services to meet the needs of businesses in all industries and of any size. We are committed to serving businesses nationwide with reliable shredding services. 

Business Document Shredding Services

Businesses collect and maintain private information on a daily basis. Whether you are handling employee files, financial information, or consumer reports; you will want to ensure that the information cannot be accessed without authorization. 

When leaks of information occur, it can greatly harm your business. Not only will customers lose trust in your company; but you may face non-compliance fines and penalties, deal with unexpected financial costs, and spend years trying to resolve issues like fraud. Shredding provides security for your documents and prevents information from leaking. 

Shred Nations is a certified shredding vendor that partners with compliant companies across the country. Our providers follow all privacy laws and regulations like HIPAA and FACTA for your protection. We also provide a certificate of destruction with every service to minimize your liability in the event of a data breach. The certificate will verify proper disposal of your paper and include details from the shredding process.

One-Time Shredding or Scheduled Shredding

Commercial shredding comes in a range of options to meet your business’ unique needs. It is important to consider the rate in which you generate paper waste, your budget, and how often you would like to shred. It is also important to consider your security and legal requirements when selecting a service. 

One-Time Shredding

Bulk shredding is a one-time purge of documents. This is an excellent option for small businesses that do not create enough waste to require shredding on a regular basis. We can accommodate small and large shredding projects, scheduled at your convenience. 

Scheduled Shredding

Recurring shredding services are available for businesses that create a predictable waste stream of documents. You will be able to set up a pre-determined schedule for shredding on a weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, or quarterly basis.

Once you have decided on one-time or scheduled services, you will select from two more options, mobile or offsite shredding. Mobile shredding is a high-security service that allows you to witness the shredding of your documents. We will come to your location to shred all of your papers on-site. Offsite shredding destroys your documents at a local facility. This service includes pick up, secure transport, and effective shredding services. It is ideal for high-volume shredding projects.

Call for Free Quotes on Commercial Shredding in Minutes

Shred Nations has served businesses across the country for decades. Our services are tailored to meet the demands of today’s legal regulations and business responsibilities. When you connect with our experts, they will help you find the right services, at the right price. 

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