Document Storage

Secure Offsite Records Storage FacilityWhile it’s important to securely destroy many of the documents that your company produces, your industry or business may require you to keep others on file for future reference.

Shred Nations not only aids in the fight against data breaches with document destruction services, we can also help with document storage services. 

Physical Document Storage Saves Space in the Workplace

For many industries, having certain documents handy is not only convenient, it may be required.

Physical document storage services are:

  • Climate controlled to keep your documents in a sustainable atmosphere
  • Monitored with 24 hour surveillance
  • Optional quick-retrieval services to have access to your files whenever you need them
  • A great way to save physical space in the office by removing your storage rooms and filing cabinets, and utilizing the area for more productive uses

Fast, Organized, and Secure with Cloud Storage Options

For a faster way to file and manage your documents, cloud storage may be the option for you.

Cloud services allow you to:

  • Instantly access your files anywhere with an internet connection
  • Collaborate on projects with others in remote locations in real time
  • Safely store your documents on protected, encrypted servers
  • Find, access, and organize your files to fit your specific business operational needs

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Shred Nations works with locally-based and operated companies specializing in document storage options for businesses of all types and sizes.

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