Fraud, Identity Theft and Corporate EspionageOne of the biggest concerns for businesses and individuals alike is having personal or company information compromised and used against them.

Document destruction and electronic equipment retiring are two of the most overlooked accidental security breaches in businesses today.

This section helps clarify what identity thieves and corporate spies are looking for- and identifies steps that you can take to protect your business from a data breach, and to protect your personal information from being stolen.

Identity Theft

These articles offer all you need to know about how to combat identity theft, including ways to protect your personal information through consistent document shredding and document management.  Get tips and information on preventing identity thieves from ruining your good name.

Fraud and Corporate Espionage

Businesses of every size have secrets to protect- and we’re here to help you learn more about corporate espionage.  Get stories on ways you can use secure document shredding to prevent corporate spies from accessing and selling your company’s proprietary information.

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Any time you use our service, you’ll get a certificate of destruction, which provides proof that the inventoried documents were properly destroyed and cannot be recovered.

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