Why Do We Shred?

Making sure that our identities and our secure information stays secure should be of the utmost priority.  Why then is it so easy to steal someone’s identity?  Why are people’s sensitive information still being accessed?  Most people don’t realize just how accessible their information really is to identity thieves and they don’t take all of the necessary precautions to protect themselves.  Not out of ignorance, but out of people not understanding just how severe identity theft really is, and just how Shredded Destroying Confidential Documenteasy it is for someone to gain access to your identity.  The main rule of thumb when it comes to disposing of your paperwork is, if it has ANYTHING on it that you wouldn’t want a stranger to see, shred it.

Some people are more particular about their secure information than others, but anything that you wouldn’t mind sharing with a stranger on the street, should be disposed of properly.  If you don’t like people knowing your telephone number, or your address with your name attached to it, make sure you shred your mail before you throw it away.  If you are doing a purge with your paperwork from home or from your office and there is anything that you are willing to get rid of that has information on it that anyone and everyone shouldn’t be allowed to see, you want to shred it.  We shred our information in order to protect ourselves.  Identity theft is serious business and it can be detrimental to your personal and financial success.  Never take a chance with your information when it is so easy to shred!