Mobile Shredding Services Cambridge, MA

Mobile Paper Shredding in Cambridge

Mobile Paper Shredding in Cambridge

Destroying documents that you’ve had piling up in your office may seem like a difficult task, but Shred Nations is here to make it that much easier for you.

Instead of having to haul all your personal documents all over Cambridge, Shred Nations can connect you with a contractor that will send a mobile shredding truck to your location and they can shred everything for you right then and there.

Mobile shredding also gives you the opportunity to witness all these documents being shredded ensuring your own personal security and satisfaction of knowing how all the information was destroyed.

The Mobile Shredding Cost

On average, the cost of a mobile shredding service is about $130-$150 for a shredding job of up to 120 lbs. However, the price varies based on location, project size, and more.

The Mobile Shredding Process 

  1. Call (617) 229-6385 or fill out the form to get your free no-obligation quote within minutes.
  2. Our representatives will connect you with Cambridge local contractors who will fit your shedding needs inexpensively and conveniently.
  3. The contractor will contact you to schedule a time to drop off secure bins for you to fill at your leisure.
  4. A mobile shredding truck will be sent to your location and will shred all documents that are within the secure bins right there, on site. This option will leave you confident in knowing that everything was shredded securely and thoroughly because you can witness the entire process. You will also receive a certificate of destruction when the shredding is complete.

Call Us Today to Get Started

Representatives can answer any questions you may have and can even give you your free no-obligation quote just by calling (617) 229-6385 or by filling out the form. 

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