Hard Drive Destruction in Cambridge

No one wants their information stolen, but if hard drives are not properly disposed of, data can still be recovered. It is critical to completely destroy the hard drive through hard drive destruction.  This eliminates the possibility for recovery which leaves your information safe and secure.

Obsolete hard drives may put your personal electronic data just as high at risk of identity theft as paper documents and files. Your computer’s hard drive contains tons of information and simply erasing and disposing of it may lead to a data breach.

Shred Nations network offers hard drive destruction services and hard drive shredding services that destroys all data and information guaranteeing them unrecoverable.

Steps to Hard Drive Destruction in Cambridge

  1. document destruction services in cambridge, maSubmit a request to receive a quote from one of our representatives by filling out the form or calling (617) 229-6385. Several contractors in the Cambridge area will contact you with quotes depending on the information given about your shredding needs. 
  2. After choosing a contractor, they will either come to your Cambridge location to pick up the secure bins or coordinate the documents to be shipped to the secure shredding location.
  3. The electronics are destroyed, safely, accurately and quickly.
  4. All the materials are then separated into component parts and recycled. Your company will be presented with a certification of destruction with the details of the entire shredding process.

Security in Hard Drive Destruction

The National Security Agency and Department of Defense have set standards and regulations for electronic media destruction, Shred Nations and Cambridge partners comply with all the rules to ensure your confidence and trust. A certificate of destruction is presented to you after the project is completed explaining when and where the destroying took place along with signatures of witnesses.

Additionally, hard drive destruction services follow all compliance laws and regulations such as HIPAA and FACTA. Rest easy knowing your electronic data is taken care in a secure, confidential, and complaint manner.

Approximate Cost of Destruction Cambridge

There is no way to show shredding projects in different price categories. Each project is specific to the location, size, and needs of a company. Shred Nations makes mobile shredding, offsite shredding and hard drive destruction as inexpensive and budget friendly as possible.

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Shred Nations is in Cambridge to help you resolve any shredding needs, we will comply with you in any way possible to get your project started and finished in a timely matter.

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