San Francisco Off Site Shredding Services

Do you have a small storage locker worth of old files and documents lying around your office? Maybe box upon box of paper is beginning to spill over into your own garage-space or basement?

Now try to picture all those documents suddenly disappearing hassle-free and without taking a major hit to your budget. Imagine how much money your San Francisco Bay business could be saving if it wasn’t devoting a portion of its monthly budget just simply to shoving all those boxes of paper into a corner.

Imagine if instead of file cabinets, there were a desk, with an employee—an employee who could instead be helping your business to make money, rather than spending it. Welcome to Off-Site Shredding Services from Shred Nations.

Generally geared best to suit the needs of San Francisco businesses with high volume shredding projects of approximately fifteen boxes of document or more, the off-site shredding process is essentially the same as mobile shredding.

In this case, however, off-site shred trucks collect and transport your documents to be shredded at a secure offsite shredding facility rather than there at your curbside. While this may not be clear initially as to how off-site shredding saves your money, the numbers themselves may serve more clarifying. All of our off site shredding facilities throughout the San Francisco Bay area house the largest industrial shredders in the business.

Able to shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper in an hour, a shredding project of merely 20 boxes of documents is nothing more than a snack. Whether you have a home garage in the Sunset District stuffed to the brim with paper documents, or the ratio between file cabinets to desks in your Market Street office is beginning to quickly shift in the wrong direction, Shred Nations San Francisco can pick up your unneeded documents and transport them to our safe and secure off site shredding facilities.

We offer our offsite shredding services to San Francisco and all the surrounding areas and communities within the county, from Chinatown to the Mission District, and everywhere in between. Shred Nations San Francisco provides numerous pricing and service options to our customers to help them find the best value for their off site shredding, including:

To learn more about our available services and options, simply give us a call at (415) 349-5221, or just fill out the form to request a free quote for your shredding project today!

How Shred Nations San Francisco’s Off Site Shredding Process Works

Shred Nations San Francisco offers offsite shredding facilities that are ideal for their reasonable pricing and heavy emphasis on customer privacy. Here are the main steps involved in our off site shredding process:

  1. To get started, you can simply fill the form to request a free quote, or give us a call at (415) 349-5221. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will answer all questions you have and find the best off-site shredding contractors in San Francisco to suit your project requirements.
  2. With your list of the top off-site shredding companies in the San Francisco Bay area in hand, find the best Shred Nations contractors to suit the budget and size of your shredding project. Your off-site shredding company of choice will then provide your business with locking shred bins to store your documents to be shredded between pickups.
  3. Between visits, simply start filling those shredding containers up with old or unnecessary documents until they’re full. Afterward, one of our trained and uniformed shred truck drivers will make regular stops at your home or business no matter its location within the San Francisco Bay area to collect your shredding bins and transport them to our secure off-site shredding facility.
  4. During the transportation process from your business to the secure facility, our drivers never have the opportunity to come into contact with your locked shredding bins. Once they arrive at the shredding plant, the documents are then shredded and recycled. At this point you will be sent a formal certificate of destruction, guaranteeing the safety and security of your sensitive information while it was being shredded at the place and time listed on the certificate.

Offsite Document Shredding in San Francisco, CA

Off-Site Shredding in San Francisco is Secure

Shred Nations San Francisco takes the safety and security of our customers’ sensitive documents with the utmost seriousness. While you are receiving and consider competing quotes from the various offsite shredding contractors in your area, be sure to also inquire whether their company is NAID AAA Certified.

Their high shredding standards ensure that any and all NAID compliant shredding companies are guaranteed to deliver you safe, reliable, and high-quality results. Besides NAID Certification, all of Shred Nations’ shredding contractors additionally present our customers with certificates of destruction upon completion of the shredding job, also guaranteeing the FACTA and HIPAA compliance of their services.

With Shred Nations San Francisco, you can sleep easy knowing that your shredding will be handled with full safety and security.

Approximate Cost of Off-Site Shredding in San Francisco

In terms of pricing out you off site shredding project, a general rule of thumb to follow is that the more you will need to have shredded, the better the pricing per unit becomes. To illustrate this, we can simply take a moment to compare the costs for three different shred options Shred Nations San Francisco offers: drop off shredding locations, mobile shredding, and offsite shredding.

First, we’ll start with drop off shredding, which usually comes to about $2 per pound of shredded material, making a high-volume project especially expensive. Next, if you turn towards the mobile shredding service route, the average cost tends to fall around $100 per visit, although this price too can fluctuate slightly as well depending on the total number of documents needing shredding.

Finally, when one comes to the offsite shredding option, a project of the same size will usually cost around only $85, as opposed to $100, making the extra effort of transporting your materials worth it depending on your budget.

As you can see, when push comes to shove, the ultimate cost of high-volume projects generally tends to be lower when the shredding is done off-site at one of our secure shredding facilities rather than done on site and at your curbside, but nevertheless, it is still recommended that before you make any final decision you weigh your options carefully.

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on San Francisco Offsite Shredding Services

If you are in need of a shredding solution for your business, Shred Nations San Francisco can provide safe and reliable off site shredding services all through San Francisco and the surrounding Bay area.

Within moments of processing your request, we will provide you with free quotes from the top safe and secure San Franciscan shredding contractors so that we can help to best match you with the right services for your project requirements.

To learn more about any of our service options or receive a free quote on an off site shredding project, simply fill out the form, or just give us a call today at (415) 349-5221.

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