Mobile Shredding Services in San Francisco and Northern California

San Francisco Mobile ShreddingWhen you try to think back and account for all the boxes filled with old papers, documents, and records that have begun to stack up over time throughout your San Francisco home or office space, it can be hard to actually believe that only a single thin piece of paper can account for so much clutter and chaos.

Suddenly years after opening your first file cabinet, you’re now swamped in documents, so the question now becomes, what is to be done with it all?

Though the easy thought of just hauling it out to the dumpster behind the building may flash across your mind briefly, quickly cast it aside. Not only is this incredibly irresponsible—both for your employees as well as your customers—but there are also strict laws and regulations that specifically mandate the proper destruction of these sensitive materials.

No one wants a headache and hassle of gathering up and hauling all your documents across the Golden Gate Bridge or any other busy highways and streets to be shredded at a local shredding company or drop off location.

Luckily, however, Shred Nations can solve your problem with the help of our safe and convenient mobile shredding truck services. Shred Nations San Francisco can send a secure mobile shred truck directly your Oakland home or Financial District office curbside, safely destroying your documents on site in our shred truck while you watch.

No matter if you’re near the North Beach or located as far south as San Mateo, Shred Nations mobile shredding services cover the entire San Francisco Bay area. Our shred trucks make document destruction safe and convenient, protecting your company and its customers without requiring a major investment of your already precious time.

There are some old records and documents you simply cannot afford to risk throwing out, ranging from old checks to medical images or legal documents—and everywhere in between. So the true question is, why take the chance of a catastrophic and crippling data breach when a safe and affordable mobile shredding solution is just a click or call away?

How Mobile Shredding Works in San Francisco

The following steps provide a brief outline of Shred Nations San Francisco’s mobile shredding process:

  1. To begin the process, first just give us a call at (415) 349-5221, or simply fill out the form in order to receive a free estimate for your shredding project. Our friendly and experienced staff can help to cover any questions you may have, as well as assist you in finding the best San Francisco shredding company to suit your individual needs. Within minutes, mobile shredding contractors will be in touch to offer you competing for quotes on your project.
  2. With your offers in hand, select the company that will best match your requirements. When they arrive on site, they will provide your business with secure, locking shred containers for you to store your documents that need shredding.
  3. Once you have filled up your shredding bins, they are then shredded securely on site and while you watch by one of our self-contained mobile shred trucks. Afterward, one of our drivers will continue to make regular stops at your business no matter its location in San Francisco, shredding all your sensitive documents right there at the curb.
  4. With your confidential information now safely shredded by one of our uniformed mobile shredding truck drivers—who never come into contact with your securely locked documents— you are then given an official certificate of destruction, guaranteeing the proper destruction of your records.

Mobile Shredding Process in San Francisco, CA

All Mobile Shredding Trucks in San Francisco are Secure

When it comes to our mobile shredding services and trucks, Shred Nations San Francisco places the safety and security of our customers and their sensitive information as our top priority.

Not only do we strive to ensure the protection of our customers’ own employees, clients, and reputation through our reliable on-site shredding services, we provide our customers with an official certificate of destruction after completion of service.

This goes one extra step to give our clients the assurance they deserve by guaranteeing that all shredding performed by our services complies with all California and federal laws like HIPAA and FACTA. To truly ensure all your bases are covered, we also recommend to all our customers that their on site shredding company of choice is additionally NAID AAA Certified.

NAID has laid out strict and high-standard guidelines on document shredding safety, and any company who is compliant with their standards is certain to handle your documents with the utmost of security.

General Cost of a San Francisco Mobile Shredding Project

When making business decisions, one of the time-tested constants to any choice made is cost. To exemplify this, let’s quickly just compare the differences in price between using a mobile shredding truck in the San Francisco Bay area, and using one of Shred Nations San Francisco’s drop off shredding locations.

Generally speaking, costs for mobile shredding truck services tend to come to around $100 per visit from a shred truck to your San Francisco location. On the other hand, taking your materials to one of Shred Nations San Francisco’s drop off shredding locations will generally run around $2 per pound of materials needing shredding.

If you were trying to decide your best bet for a shredding project of three, 30-pound boxes of documents, the final cost of either using a mobile shredding service or taking your materials to a Shred Nations San Francisco drop off location would be about the same.

If instead, you had four, 30-pound boxes—or more—it would then make sense to opt for a mobile shredding service over one of our drop off locations. It would not only spare you the time and headache of gather and transporting your documents to our drop off sites, it would also save you a good chunk of change for using a more convenient service as well.

Despite this though, the location of your own home or business should not be discounted in your decision-making process. Obviously, for locations that are on the city outskirts as opposed to being the focal point of a bustling metropolis, chances are that the prices of a mobile shredding service may be slightly higher given the distance.

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Mobile Shredding Services in San Francisco

In need of a simple shredding solution for your business? Shred Nations San Francisco provides mobile document shredding services all throughout the densely populated San Francisco Bay area. To learn more about our mobile shredding options, simply give us a call at (415) 349-5221, or just fill out the form!

We can offer you several pricing and service options to choose from and will ensure you’re able to get the best price for your shredding project. Our available services are designed to best suit your business’ needs, and include:

After merely a few minutes we will contact you, providing free quotes from the top San Francisco shredding contractors and companies and helping you to get your shredding project scheduled and completed as soon as possible.

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