Onsite Shredding Services in Milpitas, CA

Shred Nations Milpitas, CAOne box filled with documents that need to be shredded can weight roughly 30 pounds so it’s no wonder you don’t want to transport 300 pounds of documents to be shredded. Unless you magically have a 2-ton truck lying around, you might want to consider mobile shredding services,

Shred Nations Milpitas offers on-site shredding services to help you eliminate the hassle and time of gathering all those documents to a drop-off location.

Our secure mobile shredding trucks equipped with industrial shredders will come straight to your home or office anywhere in Santa Clara County.

Since we service all neighborhoods and business districts throughout Milpitas and Silicon Valley, we help take out some of the steps you have to take to make sure your documents are shredded properly.

How Mobile Shredding Works at Shred Nations Milpitas

Here are the steps you need to take to have a Milpitas mobile shredding company shred your documents while you watch.

  1. Submit a quote request to Shred Nations Milpitas by filling out the form or by giving us a call at (408) 414-7548. In a few minutes, local mobile shredding companies located right here in Milpitas will contact you to provide free quotes for your specific shredding project.
  2. Once you select the company that fits your budget and project best, they will provide locked bins for your location so you can secure your documents before they are shredded.
  3. Fill up the bins with all the documents that you need shredded, and then contact your shredding provider to schedule a time to shred them once your bins are full. A shredding company will come to your location and shred your documents onsite.
  4. You can watch the entire shredding process and ensure your documents are destroyed. Once all of your information is destroyed you will receive a certificate of destruction detailing the shredding process and verify your documents were properly destroyed. We will never come in physical or visual contact with your documents.

Mobile Shredding Process in Milpitas, CA

How Secure is Mobile Shredding in Milpitas?

Shred Nations Milpitas helps to protect your company, employees, and your clients from fraud and identity theft. Before you select the mobile shredding company for your project, be sure to ask if they are NAID AAA Certified.

This certification ensures that this Milpitas shredding company follows the strict requirements NAID demands to ensure that your information is never at risk.

Once your on-site shredding project is complete, our shredding providers will complete a certificate of destruction to ensure that your project complies with FACTA and HIPAA laws and that you didn’t break the chain of custody.

How Much Does Mobile Shredding Cost in Milpitas?

The industry average for a mobile shredding truck to come to your location costs around $100. This price can vary depending on any special requests you may have and your proximity to the shredding facility.

Drop off services typically cost around $2.00 per pound in Santa Clara County which can add up quickly, so we recommend you have 3 boxes or more to use a mobile shredding service.

You also have to consider where you’re located. If you’re on the outskirts of Milpitas, or you’re not close our shredding providers or drop off locations, it might just be more economical to send a shredding truck to you.

Get Free Quotes on Mobile Shredding Services in Milpitas Today!

Shred Nations Milpitas offers onsite shredding services to help you shred your documents anywhere in Santa Clara County.  Give us a call if you need mobile shredding, today!

You can reach us at (408) 414-7548, or you can just fill out the form Within minutes of receiving your request, a Milpitas-based shredding company will be in touch to schedule your shredding project.

Our services are available as often as you need, including:

      • One time Purges
      • Weekly, Bi-Weekly, and Monthly services
      • Drop off service (for one or two boxes of paper)

When businesses compete for your project, you win. Once you request a quote we will be in contact with you within minutes with several pricing options from shredding companies across Milpitas.

Shred Nations Milpitas Location

Shred Nations Milpitas
142 N Milpitas Blvd
Milpitas, CA 95035
(408) 414-7548
email: milpitas@shrednations.com

Our normal operating hours are Monday-Friday from 9:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM


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