Offsite and Pickup Shredding Service in Cincinnati

CincinnatiOffsite shredding is one of the easiest ways to swiftly shred a large volume of documents. The network of partners at Shred Nations Cincinnati offers to pick up services that will collect your documents from your location and drive them to a secure Cincinnati facility for shredding.

Offsite shredding is optimal for larger volumes of paperwork, such as 15 boxes or more. The papers are put through a shredder that can handle 20,000 pounds of papers an hour—so your project is done quickly.

We will send you several free quoted options for your shredding project from different companies in your area of Cincinnati. We can even get you prices for regularly scheduled services. For more information or to get free quotes right now just give us a call at (513) 252-2197 or fill out the form.

Steps in the Offsite Shredding Process in Cincinnati and Surrounding Areas

  1. To get your project started, first call us at (513) 252-2197 or fill out the form on this page for free quotes on nearby shredding services from across Cincinnati. We will quickly reach out to our contractors and get you several quotes for your specific project.
  2. You choose the quote from the Cincinnati shredding company that best suits your project and budget requirements, and they send you locked shredding bins.
  3. You fill up the bins with your paperwork and they send a secure truck to you to pick up the bins and transport them to locked Cincinnati facility for shredding.
  4. The bins containing your files are lifted up onto the shredder and the contents are dumped into the machine as the shredded bits mix with those of thousands of other documents. You are sent a certificate of destruction detailing the time, place and amount of shredded files, and the bits are recycled.

Is Offsite Shredding in Cincinnati Secure?

Shred Nations Cincinnati partners with secure, local shredding companies, but to be certain your information is being properly destroyed, we encourage you to confirm that your shredding company is NAID AAA Certified. NAID standards are high, and companies that comply with them will without a doubt keep your information safe.

How Much Does Offsite Shredding cost in Cincinnati?

If you have more than a dozen boxes of old files to shred offsite shredding is the most cost-effective choice. Offsite shredding services poll in at about $85 in Cincinnati, while mobile shredding services that shred at your Cincinnati location typically cost about $100.

Drop off services are also available and cost about $1 per pound in Cincinnati. This option is recommended if you have just a few boxes to shred, as you will be responsible for packing and transporting your paperwork.

Other factors that influence the price of your project include your proximity to the shredding company’s location and any additional services you might require.

Get Free Quotes on Secure Offsite Shredding in Cincinnati Today!

If you need to shred a large amount of paperwork and are located in Cincinnati, Shred Nations Cincinnati is here to help. We offer offsite services for businesses and individuals, and we will quickly get you connected to local contractors.

Get started by giving us a call at (513) 252-2197 or fill out the form. Our shredding contractors are competing for your business, and they will work hard to offer you the best, most efficient services.

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