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Hard Drive Shredding Services in Cincinnati

Cincinnati Hard Drive DestructionOne of the most important steps in data protection is properly shredding hard drives.  This is because hard drives contain a lot of your confidential data, and, if it is not destroyed correctly, then the data can still be recovered.  Thieves and hackers can then take the information for malicious purposes. Hard drive shredding is a secure way to make sure your information stays confidential.  Then, you can rest easy knowing your information can never be recovered.

The disposal of electronically stored information requires complete physical obliteration. There are several ways to ensure your information is gone for good, and hiring a media shredding company can help.

Hard drive shredding companies know how to effectively destroy your information and eliminate the chance of anything being leaked. Electronic media includes anything that might hold personal or proprietary data, such as:

  • Credit and Debit Cards
  • CDs/DVDs
  • X-rays
  • Thumb Drives/Jump Drives
  • Hard Drives (including magnetic, rotational and solid state)

Shred Nations Cincinnati offers secure services to completely destroy your hard drives and electronic hardware across Ohio and the Cincinnati metro region.

Hard Drive Destruction Cost

Depending on the type of devices you have, they may require different techniques for proper disposal. The price range for each drive is usually between $5.00 – $15.00. The amount of devices you have can also contribute to differences in price, the larger the project, the higher the cost, but the lower the price per unit.

Hard Drive Shredding Steps

  1. Submit a request for a quote by filling out the form, or giving us a call at (513) 252-2197. Within minutes of submitting your request, you’ll have several free quotes from Cincinnati based electronic media and hard drive shredding companies.
  2. Our contractors offer several types of services and can pick up your documents and shred them at a secure Cincinnati facility or shred them right at your location. Additionally, we even provide drop off sites if you just have a few boxes to drop off.
  3. Your electronics are demolished, and the pieces are sorted and recycled.

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Shred Nations Cincinnati provides a variety of secure data destruction and hard drive shredding services throughout Cincinnati and the surrounding areas.

Are you in Cincinnati and in need of hard drive shredding services? Call us at (513) 252-2197 or fill out the form for free quotes. Our shredding contractors are competing for your business, and they will work hard to offer you the best, most efficient services.

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