Chesapeake Hard Drive Destruction Services

Chesapeake Hard Drive Destruction ServicesChesapeake Hard Drive Destruction Services

It is common to erase or reset your electronic devices when it is time to upgrade to a newer model. However, deleting files may not be enough to protect your private information. Hackers can still use simple software to recover bits of information that can lead to identity theft and fraud. The only way to eliminate the risk is to physically destroy your hard drives. 

Hard drive destruction safely disposes of your electronics and shreds your hard drives into tiny pieces. Your data will be completely destroyed and unrecoverable with our comprehensive destruction methods. We will dispose of hazardous materials in accordance with the EPA and recycle as much as we can. 

Protect your private information and properly dispose of your old computers, smartphones, scanners, and more. Call us at (757) 222-9323 or fill out the form to begin today. 

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in Chesapeake

Scheduling hard drive destruction services couldn’t be easier. Follow the steps below to complete your project:

  1. Fill out the form or call us at (757) 222-9323 to request free price quotes from our local destruction experts. Our knowledgeable team will answer your questions and send you personalized quotes within minutes. 
  2. Select the company that best fits your needs and choose between onsite, drop off, or direct shipment options.
  3. Your hard drives will be professionally shredded and all reusable materials will be recycled. 
  4. You will receive a certificate of destruction once the job has been completed.  

The Cost of Hard Drive Destruction in Chesapeake

The price of hard drive destruction is charged per hard drive. The price will be determined by the types of devices you have, the number of devices, and your location. Some devices are more difficult to break down and cost more. We suggest stocking up on devices to destroy together to reduce costs. The more devices you have, the lower the price will be. The typical price per drive is $20 or less. 

Get Free, No Hassle Quotes on Hard Drive Destruction Services in Chesapeake

It is likely that you have a box of old electronics collecting dust in the back of your closet. Safely dispose of them using hard drive destruction services. Call us at (757) 222-9323 or fill out the form to find providers in your area and receive free, personalized price quotes on your project. 

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