Offsite and Pickup Shredding Services Across Richmond County

Shred Nations AugustaOne of the easiest ways to shred a large volume of documents safely and efficiently is by using an offsite shredding service.

This service is similar to having a mobile shredding truck come to you, except instead of having the truck shred your items on site, it transports them to a secure offsite facility for shredding.

This type of service best serves businesses with large shredding projects totaling more than 10 boxes, or over 300 pounds.

To find the best offsite shredding service in your area, call us at (706) 940-2959 or fill out the form to receive several free quoted options on secure, local shredding services.

How Offsite Shredding Works in Augusta, GA

Here are the steps are taken when you request offsite shredding services in Augusta:

1.       Start by requesting quotes on local services by calling Shred Nations Augusta at (706) 940-2959 or filling out the form. We will get you several quoted options so you can select the best service at the best price.

2.       Once you choose a shredding service provider, they will supply you with locked shredding containers to store your papers-to-be-shredded in.

3.       When your bins are full, call your provider and they will stop by your location, pick up your shredding bins, and transport them to a secure facility where they will be destroyed along with thousands of other files.

4.       Once your documents have been shredded, your provider will give you a certificate of destruction detailing the how, when, and where of your file’s destruction.

How Secure is Offsite Shredding in Augusta?

Offsite shredding does not allow anyone from your company to witness the shredding, but you will be given a certificate of destruction detailing the process of destruction and verifying that it was done in accordance with all Georgia state and federal laws.

Offsite Document Shredding

We understand that putting your private documents into the hands of third part shredding company can be worrisome, and we encourage you to ask your shredding provider if they are NAID AAA Certified. NAID sets high standards, and any company certified by NAID will provide secure shredding for every job.

What is the Cost of Offsite Shredding in Augusta?

Offsite shredding costs on average $85 for a midsized project. Compared to mobile shredding services, which cost about $100 for the same sized project, offsite shredding is an extremely cost-effective option, especially for larger shredding projects.

Drop off services, which cost around $1 dollar per pound, lose their appeal for projects larger than 75 or 80 pounds, as you will be responsible for transporting your paperwork to a drop off center yourself.

Always consider costs associated with any special requests, and calculate how far you are from the shredding company when determining the overall cost of your offsite shredding project.

Find the Perfect Offsite Shredding Service in the Augusta Region

If you have a large volume of documents that need to be shredded, call Shred Nations Augusta at (706) 940-2959 or fill out the form to get free quotes on services near you. Our partners have years of industry experience and will destroy your private information thoroughly.

Offsite shredding is an excellent option for large shredding projects, and we will connect you to the best local offsite shredding providers.

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