San Diego Mobile Shredding Services

 safe mobile shredding Shamu Seaworld San DiegoImagine the number of papers, documents, and other files that have piled up around your San Diego home or business over the last year—let alone the last decade.

With all of this information lying around, the odds of identity theft increase exponentially, as each old or unnecessary document poses a greater chance of it falling into the wrong hands.

While the implication and possible cost of gathering, boxing, and transporting countless documents can make your head spin, mobile shredding services can help to relieve your headaches.

Using mobile shredding services from Shred Nations San Diego, you can enjoy the convenience of a secure mobile shredding truck visiting your home or office no matter where you are located in the San Diego Bay area.

Your sensitive documents are securely shredded on site and while you watch, and the only hassle you have to worry about is bringing your confidential records to one of our nearby drop off locations. In less than fifteen minutes, all your documents are safely destroyed on site by our shredding trucks. Afterward, you are given an official Certificate of Destruction, verifying that your mobile shredding job has been completed by our shredding experts.

When you can use our mobile shredding services to eliminate all the hassle and headache of organizing a major shredding project, why let those potential security risks like old checks, medical files, or financial documents hang around? Just give Shred Nations San Diego a call at (619) 344-0372, and we can help you to start the process of stopping a potential security disaster today!

How the San Diego Mobile Shredding Process Works

Here’s a brief overview of the steps to our Mobile Shredding Services in San Diego:

  1. To begin, simply fill out the form to the right to request a quote and get a free estimate on a mobile shredding project, or just give us a call at (619) 344-0372. Our friendly and knowledgeable shredding experts will help to guide you through any questions you may have, and can quickly match your needs with the best shredding companies in San Diego.
  2. Choose the mobile shredding company that fulfills your requirements. Upon their arrival, they will provide safe and secure shredding bins which lock and can be used to hold and transport your documents.
  3. Once you have your mobile shredding bins, simply begin filling them up! With Shred Nations San Diego’s mobile shred truck services, our driver will regularly come out to your home or business and shred your documents on-site, no matter your location.
  4. Our trained shredding truck drivers and operators will shred and compact your documents at the rear of the truck—and don’t worry, our employees will never make physical or visual contact with your shredded materials, as they are secured in locked shred bins.
  5. Once the mobile shredding project is complete, you are presented with a certificate of destruction, guaranteeing that the shredding job has been finished safely and securely.

Mobile Shredding ProcessEvery Mobile Shredding Truck in San Diego is Secure

A key component to Shred Nations San Diego’s mobile shredding services is the security and protection of our customer’s sensitive information. With mobile shredding, we offer peace of mind to our clients while they are able to watch their confidential documents shredding on site by our self-contained shredding trucks.

After you see your business records and documents destroyed right before your very eyes, your provided a certificate of destruction by one of our uniformed shredding professionals, which guarantees that the shredding you just witnessed complies with all federal and California shredding laws, including HIPAA and FACTA.

Besides obtaining an official certificate of destruction alone, it’s also recommended to all of our customers that you ensure your choice in shredding company is NAID AAA Certified. Besides other state and federal shredding legislation, high-security standards mandated by NAID will also ensure that compliant shredding contractors are trustworthy and reliable.

Approximate Cost of a San Diego Mobile Shredding Project

Whether you are the owner of a San Diego dry cleaner, restaurant, or an accounting firm, one factor in every decision remains constant—cost.

When one compares the average costs between having a mobile shredding truck come to your business and taking your documents to a drop off shredding location, prices usually come to around $100 per visit from a mobile shredding truck, while off-site shredding generally runs about $1 per pound of paper shredded.

So for a real-life example, if you need to have three boxes shredded that each weigh 30 pounds, taking them to one of our drop off locations will cost you about $90, in addition to the uncalculated cost of the hassle it may be to transport your documents to one of our drop off sites—especially if you’re located near the San Diego city outskirts as opposed to the bustling metropolitan life of the Golden Triangle and other areas.

For only $10 more, our mobile shredding services save you the headache and time, letting you remain focused on what is already important in your day-to-day business life. Generally speaking, as a good rule of thumb, we suggest that any shredding project that is four boxes or more be handled by our mobile shredding trucks—it not only makes economic sense, but makes your life simply easier as well.

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Mobile Shredding Services in San Diego

Shred Nations San Diego can provide safe and convenient document shredding services all throughout the San Diego Bay area and its suburbs. If you are in need of a simple shredding solution today, just give Shred Nations San Diego a call at (619) 344-0372, or otherwise fill out the form to the right to request a free quote and get an estimate on your shredding project today!

We can offer you plenty of pricing options to meet your needs, and will ensure that you are able to be matched with the best service for your shredding requirements. Our safe and secure document shredding services include:

Within moments of receiving and processing your shredding request, Shred Nations San Diego will in turn send you fast and free estimates for San Diego shredding contractors in your area who can schedule and complete your mobile shredding project as quickly as possible.

Shred Nations San Diego Location

Shred Nations San Diego
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Our normal operating hours are Monday–Friday from 8:30AM to 6:00PM, and Saturday from 9:00AM to 4:00PM PST.



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