Offsite Shredding Raleigh, NC

Offsite Shredding Services in Raleigh, NC

Shred Nations Raleigh’s offsite document shredding service is an easy way to shred a large number of documents.

Offsite shredding is similar to mobile shredding—we pick up your documents and shred them offsite instead of shredding them onsite while you watch. If you have 15 boxes or more, offsite should save you a chunk of change for your shredding project.

Our large industrial shredders shred up to 20,000 pounds of paper per hour, so we’ll complete your project quickly, and co-mingle your documents with thousands of others before we recycle them.

Shred Nations Raleigh has several options to select from to help you find the best price for your offsite shredding project, including one-time purges to weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, quarterly, or even annually ongoing service.

To get free shredding quotes from the top service providers in your area, just give us a call at (919) 324-6619, or simply fill out the form on this page.

Steps to Shred Nations Raleigh’s Offsite Shredding Service

Here are the four steps that our Offsite Shredding Companies in Raleigh take to make sure your documents are shredded appropriately and to your requirements.

  1. Start by requesting a quote by contacting us at (919) 324-6619, or by filling out the form. We’ll put together multiple quotes from reliable offsite shredding companies in your area in Raleigh.
  2. You select the company that works for your project and location, and they will send you a number of secure shredding bins to use at your home or office.
  3. Fill up the locked bins, and when you’re ready to have them shredded, the shredding company will come to your office and pick up the bins. Then, we take them to a secure location to be shredded.
  4. Once your documents are relocated to the shredding facility, we shred them with thousands of other documents and send you a certificate of destruction explaining when and where the documents were shredded.

Offsite Document Shredding Process in Akron, OHHow Secure is Offsite Shredding in Raleigh?

Shred Nations Raleigh understands that protecting your information is paramount. The employees that pick up your documents never come into contact with any of your files.

This ensures your company’s documents are secure, but we also recommend that you ask if they are NAID AAA Certified. NAID sets high standards to make sure shredding contractors deliver high quality, secure results.

The Costs of Raleigh Offsite Shredding Services

Offsite shredding is the way to go if you have many boxes of documents to shred. The per-box cost of offsite shredding is much more affordable compared to drop off shredding or mobile shredding.

Drop off locations usually charge about $1.50/pound in Raleigh—so a high-volume job can cost more than you expect it to—and don’t forget to add the time and money it takes to transport the boxes of paper to that location to be shredded.

If you use offsite shredding, you’ll average about $85, where the same sized project costs about $100 or more in Raleigh for onsite shredding services. If you have three or fewer boxes of paper to shred, we recommend using mobile shredding services.

There are several other factors that can add additional charges to the price of your project, from how close you are to the shredding provider you choose, to additional services or special requests you might have (flights of stairs, multiple locations, etc).

Get Free Quotes on Secure Offsite Shredding in Raleigh Today!

Get your large shredding projects completed quickly with Shred Nation Raleigh’s offsite shredding service. No matter how many boxes you have, we can help you find an offsite shredding company at a competitive price anywhere in Raleigh.

Within a few minutes, we’ll have multiple quotes from local providers in your inbox. To get started, give us a call at (919) 324-6619, or fill out the form. Once we receive your request, secure shredding contractors in Raleigh will send price quotes to help complete you complete your project as quickly as possible.

When businesses compete for your project, you win. To get free quotes on offsite shredding in Raleigh today, give us a call at (919) 324-6619, or fill out the form.

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