Raleigh Mobile Shredding Services

Raleigh Mobile ShreddingTransporting boxes of documents to be shredded can cost an arm and a leg in both time and money. Don’t mess with taking your documents offsite to be shredded!

Mobile shredding (also known as onsite shredding) can help you take care of this mundane but important task quickly and easily—while you watch!

Shred Nations Raleigh offers secure mobile document shredding services that come directly to your office or home, no matter where you’re located in Raleigh instead of taking them to a drop off location.

Mobile or onsite shredding gives you the security of a professional shredding company and the convenience of not having to leave your office to get your shredding completed.

We can even help you schedule monthly quarterly or even annually ongoing service if you need it. To get quotes on onsite shredding today, give us a call at (919) 324-6619, or fill out the form.

Steps in Shred Nation Raleigh’s Onsite Shredding Process

To get quotes for a mobile shredding service to come to you, follow these 4 quick, easy steps:

  1. First, you’ll need to get a quote request for how much your mobile shredding will cost. To get started, give us a call at (919) 324-6619, or fill out the form. We’ll find a local contractor for your project and get quotes to you quickly.
  2. Review the quotes from each provider, and then select the mobile shredding company you want to use for your shredding project. They will then provide locked bins to store the documents you need to shred.
  3. The mobile shredding company will schedule a time to have a shredding truck come to your location in Raleigh to shred your documents while you watch. Be sure to contact them once your bins are nearing capacity!
  4. Once the mobile truck shreds all your documents, you will receive a certificate of destruction that details when and where your documents were destroyed.

Mobile Shredding Process in Akron OHMobile Shredding Security Measures by Shred Nations Raleigh

Shred Nations Raleigh takes precautions to protect sensitive information that might be on the documents you need to shred. When shredding your documents onsite, we help eliminate the chance of misplacing or losing them during transport.

Shred Nations’ mobile shredding companies adhere to NAID AAA Standards to help ensure the process is even more secure. NAID has strict requirements to ensure the shredding company is compliant with their high standards and is trustworthy and safe. As an added precaution, no employees ever come in contact with your documents during, before, or after they are shredded.

How Much Does Onsite Document Destruction Cost in Raleigh?

Shred Nations Raleigh charges around $100 on average for a mobile shredding truck to come to your home or office in Raleigh. As a comparison, drop-off locations usually charge about $1.50 per pound if you drive to our locations and pay for them to be shredded.

For three boxes or less, a drop off service is quick, easy, and doesn’t cost you more than $90. If you have 4 boxes or more, using a mobile shredding service saves you the hassle of transporting your documents offsite for just a little bit more.

Keep in mind that there might be some additional charges depending on where you’re located and if you have any special requests.

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Onsite Shredding in Raleigh

To schedule your project quickly, be sure to have the requirements for your project ready—we’ll come to shred your documents however often you need it, including:

      • One Time Purges
      • Weekly, Bi-WeeklyMonthly, Quarterly, or Annual Service for Regularly Scheduled Shredding
      • Drop Off Service for a Few Boxes That You Need Shredded

When businesses compete for your project, you win. To get free quotes on mobile shredding in Raleigh today, give us a call at (919) 324-6619, or fill out the form.

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