Offsite and Pickup Shredding Services in Lees Summit

lees summit kansas city mo shredding secure mobile servicesWhen it comes to shredding on large-scale, offsite shredding services might be the most cost-efficient shredding option available in Lees Summit.

From Kansas City to Lees Summit, Gardner, and Independence, our offsite shredding services send a truck directly to your location to collect your documents in locked shredding bins before then transporting them to be shredded at a secure offsite facility.

To learn more about our available options for offsite shredding services, simply give us a call at (816) 410-3061 or just fill out the form to your right to request a free quote for your shredding project today!

How Offsite Shredding from Shred Nations Lees Summit Works

Offsite shredding provides a cost-efficient shredding option for large projects while still offering the same convenience and security. The following breaks down the basic steps to the offsite shredding process:

  1. To get started, simply fill out the form to request an offsite shredding quote, or give a call at (816) 410-3061. Within a few minutes of submitting your request, you’ll be contacted with a list of free quotes for your project from nearby shredding providers.
  2. After selecting the provider to best meet your project’s needs, the offsite shredding company will then provide your business with locking shred bins to store your documents between pickups.
  3. Once the shredding bins are full, simply schedule a time with your provider for the documents to be picked up and transported to a secure offsite shredding facility.
  4. Upon arriving for shredding, your documents are securely destroyed and recycled by your provider. Once the project is complete, you’ll be sent a certificate of destruction to guarantee chain of custody remained secure and all shredding was compliant with current regulations.

Offsite Document ShreddingHow Secure is Offsite Shredding from Shred Nations Lees Summit?

Shred Nations Lees Summit takes the safety and security of sensitive documents with the utmost seriousness. For extra assurance, we provide certificates of destruction once service is complete to guarantee the chain of custody for your documents remained secure and all shredding was compliant with shredding regulations like HIPAA and FACTA.

Also, when considering competing quotes from offsite shredding providers, be sure to inquire whether their company is NAID AAA Certified, as this requires strict hiring and procedural requirements and will additionally help to ensure the service you receive is reliable.

Approximate Cost of Offsite Shredding in Lees Summit

Similar to mobile shredding, the cost of offsite shredding services is calculated primarily by the number of documents you’ll need shredded. The more documents you have, the lower the cost of your overall service will be.

The only difference between mobile and offsite shredding, however, is that with mobile the time the truck spends actually shredding the documents onsite must also be factored into the cost of service.

On the other hand, with offsite shredding services, the truck only needs a five minute stop to collect the documents before continuing—making offsite the most cost-effective service available.

Get Several Free Quotes on Lees Summit Offsite Shredding Services

If you are in need of a shredding solution for your business, Shred Nations Lees Summit can provide safe and reliable offsite shredding services all throughout Lees Summit and the surrounding Kansas City area.

To learn more about any of our service options or get a free quote on an offsite shredding project, simply fill out the form, or just give us a call today at (816) 410-3061.

Within moments of processing your request, you’ll be contacted with a list of free quotes from the top shredding contractors in the Lees Summit area to help you find the right services and prices to match your project’s needs.

Shred Nations Lees Summit Location

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Our normal operating hours are Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM to 7:00 PM, and Saturday from 9:00 AM to 2:00 PM.


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