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Offsite and Pickup Shredding Services in HaywardOffsite and Pickup Shredding Services in Hayward

Generally geared best to suit the needs of Hayward businesses with high volume shredding projects of approximately fifteen boxes of document or more, the offsite shredding process is essentially the same as mobile shredding.

In this case, however, offsite shred trucks collect and transport your documents to be shredded at a secure offsite shredding facility rather than there at your curbside. Shred Nations Hayward can connect you with professional offsite shredding services. The company of your choosing will pick up your documents at your location and shred your files offsite, instead of a mobile shredding truck coming to your location.

Let us help you find the best price for your offsite shredding project, no matter what frequency you require, from a one-time purge to weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly ongoing service.  To get started, give us a call at (510) 584-9053.

Steps in the Offsite Shredding Process in Hayward

Here are the main steps Shred Nations Hayward follows when you request them to shred your documents offsite:

  1. To start, fill out the form or give us a call today at (510) 584-9053 to request a free quote. Our friendly associates will answer any questions you have and get you connected to the best offsite shredding contractors in Hayward to suit your project requirements.
  2. After the contractors have called you and provided you with quotes from your specific project, you will choose the offsite shredding company that best fits your needs and budget. They will then provide your business with secure bins to store your documents before they are brought to a shredding facility.
  3. Once you have filled up your locked bins with your old papers and confidential documents, schedule a time for a truck to come to your location. The shred truck driver will pick up your locked bins and transport them to a shredding facility.
  4. Once your secured documents are at the facility, we will co-mingle them, then shred and recycle them. After the job is complete, they provide a certificate of destruction detailing when and where the files were shredded. This guarantees the safety and security of your sensitive information.

The Costs of Offsite Shredding in Hayward

If you have 10 boxes or more and need a recurring shredding service, offsite shredding can be the best bang for your buck. Offsite shredding usually costs around $130. The prices can change, however, depending on the distance the shredding truck has to drive to get to your location.

Drop-off shredding usually charges around $0.99 per pound, which can quickly add up if you have a large volume of boxes that need to be shredded.

The ultimate cost of high-volume projects generally tends to be lower when the shredding is done off-site at one of our secure shredding facilities rather than done on-site and at your curbside, but it is still recommended that before you make any final decisions you should weigh your options carefully.

Get Free Quotes on Secure Offsite Shredding in Hayward Today!

Large shredding projects can be completed quickly and easily with Shred Nation Hayward’s offsite shredding service. We’ll find you an offsite shredding company that fits your project and your budget for ongoing service or a one-time purge anywhere in Hayward. Within minutes, we’ll provide you with multiple quotes from local providers.

To get started, give us a call at (510) 584-9053, or fill out the form. Once we receive your request, our secure offsite shredding contractors in Hayward are ready and able to help you complete your project as quickly as possible.

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