Hard Drive Destruction Creve Coeur, MO

Hard Drive Destruction in Creve Coeur, MO

In order to protect yourself and others again identity theft, it is important to shred old electronics and hard drives. In fact, if hard drives are not completely destroyed, the information can still be recovered. The next step to protection would be to shred the hard drives to eliminate the possibility of theft. Thus, ensuring complete protection for confidential electronic information.

The only way to ensure electronic data is not putting your company at risk is to physically destroy all of it. Shred Nations’ network of local contractors can do it for you! We will combine your materials with other materials, smash and melt them together then recycle the materials, guaranteeing your utmost privacy.

Electronic data is the number one way identity thieves receive information, even after you think you’ve deleted everything from your device, a thief can still recover that information. Let us help you ensure your information isn’t put at risk.

Be confident in knowing that no private information can be viewed by identity thieves after your devices go through Shred Nations hard drive destruction process. Put your mind at ease right now by calling (314) 400-7653 or filling out the form to receive your FREE, no-obligation quote within minutes.

Hard Drive Destruction Process

  1. Get in contact with a local Creve Coeur contractor by contacting Shred Nations via (314) 400-7653 or filling out the form.
  2. Choose a contractor the representative paired you with.
  3. Schedule a time to have them pick up your hardware or discuss dropping the materials off or even securely ship them to the facility.
  4. The hard drive devices will be destroyed, melted, and recycled.
  5. You will receive a certificate of destruction entailing the details of your project.

Is Hard Drive Destruction Secure?

Electronic Media Destruction Process in Creve Coeur, MO

Hard Drive destruction is the only way to ensure your information is kept confidential and doesn’t land in the wrong hands. Shred Nations partners that provide data destruction services must comply with the National Security Agency and Department of Defense rules and regulations for hard drive destruction.

The certificate of destruction that you are presented with after the project is completed will ensure your project was completed thoroughly and complied with all federal and Missouri laws.

Hard drive destruction services follow all industry regulations such as HIPAA and FACTA, and it is critical to follow these laws. All services are secure, confidential, and complaint.

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