Concord Hard Drive Destruction Services

Concord, CA Hard Drive Destruction

Hard drives can store a nearly infinite amount of information. Think of all of the private data that passes through your work computer. Once that information is saved, it is incredibly hard to permanently delete. Even if you have wiped your computer, information can still be recovered. 

Hard drive destruction is the only way to ensure your data is irretrievable. We physically destroy your device and all parts of the hard drive, leaving nothing to be read or recovered.

Eliminate the chance of a data breach with hard drive destruction services from Shred Nations Concord. Fill out the form or call us at (925) 208-4380 to learn more.

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in Concord

Hard drive destruction can be completed in 4 steps:

  1. Start by calling (925) 208-4380 or filling out the form. We will ask for some details about your destruction needs and connect you to local providers that fit your needs. 
  2. Select the provider that best aligns with your business. 
  3. Decide between drop off, pick up, or direct shipment options to turn in your devices.
  4. Once received, your devices and drives will be shredded and destroyed. When the service is complete, you will receive a certificate of destruction

Secure Hard Drive Destruction in Concord

We understand your hesitation in handing over devices that contain your personal and proprietary information. That is why we partner with trusted hard drive destruction experts in the Concord area. Our providers follow all data disposal regulations set by the Department of Defense and the National Security Agency. 

Our providers are HIPAA and FACTA certified and trained in all applicable privacy laws. We also monitor the chain of custody to hold our employees accountable when in possession of your devices. We take security very seriously and will protect your information at all costs. 

The Cost of Hard Drive Destruction in Concord

We connect you with multiple hard drive destruction providers to ensure you are offered competitive rates on electronic disposal services. The price per drive generally runs between $7 and $20. Some types of media require specialized equipment and can cost more. Your location and the size of your project will also affect the overall price.

To receive an accurate price estimate for your project, call us at (925) 208-4380 or fill out the form. We will use the specifics of your project to give you personalized price quotes.

Get Free, No Hassle Quotes on Hard Drive Destruction Services in Concord

Shred Nations Concord cares about the environment. Our hard drive destruction services dispose of electronics in accordance with the EPA and recycles as much of your devices as possible. You can feel confident in your choice to use a service that protects your business and the planet. Call us at (925) 208-4380 or fill out the form to get started right away.

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