Are Shredding Services Safe? 

Are Shredding Services Safe? 

Professional shredding services are the safest way to dispose of private documents. Beyond safety and privacy concerns, professional shredding also fulfills legal obligations mandated for businesses. A reputable and certified shredding provider complies with industry regulations, offers an array of safety features, and provides recycling to support your sustainability goals. Shredding services are a safe way to destroy documents.

When selecting a shredding service, you should consider the provider’s certifications, security safeguards, and the shredding process. Take into account your specific security needs and how often you will require services.  

Shred Nations vets companies to ensure you can find a reliable shredding provider in your area. Our shredding partners are safe and efficient. We have many protective measures in place to protect your information throughout the disposal process.

Shredding Safeguards 

Exposed documents can release valuable information leading to financial loss, legal implications, and reputation damage. Safe handling and disposal of your documents minimizes the risk of exposure. Our shredding providers take every precaution to protect your information from collection to destruction.  

Here are some of the shredding safeguards we offer: 

are shredding services safe

Secure Shred Bins 

Shred bins keep your documents safe between shredding services. They are designed with a one-way intake slot and locking lid to safely collect your documents for shredding. Shred bins are offered in a variety of sizes to fit your needs.   

Highly Trained Professionals 

Our shredding partners follow strict security protocols when it comes to hiring. Our shredding technicians are background-checked and highly trained to protect your information. 

Chain of Custody Reporting 

Reporting the chain of custody provides a paper trail detailing where your documents are and who they have come in contact with. The chain of custody gives you peace of mind and protects you in the event of any legal action or dispute.   

GPS Tracking 

Our shredding trucks are equipped with GPS-tracking systems to monitor their locations and record the vehicle’s routines and stops. This information is reported on the chain of custody.  

Video Monitoring 

All shredding services completed in our facilities are under 24/7 video surveillance.  

Industrial-grade, Industry-approved Shredding Equipment 

Our shredding facilities and shred trucks use industrial-grade shredding equipment that quickly and powerfully destroy your documents into confetti-like particles. The equipment makes reconstruction virtually impossible to provide the highest security.

Certificate of Destruction 

A paper shredding certificate of destruction displays important information from your shredding service. Details include the time and location of service, a unique serial number, and witnesses to the destruction process. The certificate serves as proof of secure shredding for legal compliance.  

Secure Shredding Services 

Mobile Shredding Services 

Mobile shredding is a convenient and secure service that comes right to your doorstep. A shred truck arrives at your location to destroy your documents onsite. You may witness the entire process for peace of mind or legal compliance.  

Off-Site Shredding Services 

Off site shredding is completed in one of our secure shredding facilities. We pick up and transport your documents for a quick, easy, and affordable shredding option.   

Ship ‘N’ Shred 

Ship ‘N’ Shred is a mail-back shredding service that allows remote offices and residents to complete small-scale shredding services from their location. Simply send in your documents and we will safely dispose of your information.  

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Safety Advantages of Shredding 

Reliable shredding services are essential in today’s world. Protecting privacy maintains legal compliance and gives your business a competitive edge by creating trust with your customers. Shred Nations partners with a network of reliable shredding companies to make safe shredding available and accessible to homes and businesses across the country.  

Safely Shred Your Documents with Shred Nations 

Contact us to learn more about our secure shredding services. We will send you free quotes from local providers to ensure that you find the best services at the best price. Give us a call at (800) 747-3365 or fill out the form to begin the process. We will contact you within minutes to start shredding services right away.