Shred Bins: What They Are, Options, and How to Choose

Safely store your files between shredding in shred bins

Shred bins are designed to keep your documents safe between shredding services.

Keep your private information safe by regularly shredding your documents, and use this article to find the right shred bin for your intermediate storage needs.

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What is a Shred Bin?

Shred bins are equipped with secure hasps so that the lid can be padlocked to prevent unauthorized access to documents waiting for shredding.

To avoid needing to regularly unlock containers, shred bins are designed to be like a mailbox with a one-way slot for depositing documents for shredding.

For large-scale shredding, high-capacity bins are equipped with wheels to more efficiently transport them to the shredder.

Secure Shred Bin

The Importance of Shred Bins

Shredding bins are an essential tool for a secure shredding policy.

Locking bins allow you to safely store your files between shredding sessions—helping you to minimize shredding and stay compliant with security and privacy laws like HIPAA and FACTA.

Different Shred Bin Types

There are different types and sizes of shred bins to match the different sizes of shredding projects.

Shred Bin Size and Dimension Chart

Bin Type Avg. Height Avg. Width Avg. Depth Avg. Weight Avg. Volume
Personal Shred Console (PDC) 14” 17” 12” 20 lbs 6 gal
Mini Shred Bin 27” 19” 16” 75 lbs 24 gal
Standard Shred Bin 35” 19” 19” 100 lbs 32 gal
Shredding Tote 38” 16” 20” 120 lbs 32 gal
Shredding Cart 43” 25” 32” 230 lbs 64 gal
Large Shredding Cart 46” 30” 36” 340 lbs 96 gal
Extra Large Shredding Cart 48” 49” 31” 600 lbs 175 gal

How to Choose the Best Bin for You

With shredding services like mobile and offsite the provider will supply shred bins.

To find which shred bin suits you best, you first need to calculate how much paper you collect between shredding.

Calculating How Much You Have to Shred

Container Avg. Weight Avg. Volume Ideal Bin
Standard Letter/Legal Box 30 lbs 9 gal PDC/Mini Shred Bin
Vertical File Cabinet (3 drawer – 24” drawers) 90 lbs 28 gal Standard Shred Bin/Tote
Lateral File Cabinet (2 drawer – 30” drawers) 120 lbs 37 lbs Shredding Cart
Pallet Stacked 4 Rows High (low) 1,500 lbs 457 gal Extra Large Shred Cart
Pallet Stacked 5 Rows High (standard) 1,800 lbs 549 gal Extra Large Shred Cart
Pallet Stacked 6 Rows High (maximum) 2,160 lbs 659 gal Extra Large Shred Cart

Need Shred Bins for Secure Shredding?

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