Offsite Shredding Service in Beaumont

Off site shredding is optimal for organizations or companies who have a large volume of records or documents to dispose of. A truck will come to your location and pick up all of your documents and then takes them to their secure offsite facility. Here they will be shredded and mixed with other documents to make your original documents unrecognizable.

Offsite shredding is very affordable which is key when shredding a large number of records and documents. At Shred Nations Beaumont we have partnered with local providers to provide affordable pricing for large shredding projects.

We can help you find the best price because our local contractors compete for your business. To get started with free price quotes give us a call at (409) 291-4916 or fill out the form.

Steps in the Offsite Shredding Process in Beaumont and Surrounding Areas

If you are interested in the offsite service here is how the process works:

  1. Start by requesting a quote from us. Call us at (409) 291-4916 or fill out the form. One of our experts will answer any questions you have as well as connect you to local contractors for your project.

  2. You will receive several price quotes and you will determine the one that best fits your needs. Following this, your new provider will set you up with several locked bins to discard your shredding in. Once these are full you will call your provider to collect the bins back.

  3. They will then transport these locked bins to the offsite location that houses the industrial shredder. Here your documents are dumped into the shredder and shredded into tiny bits.

  4. These bits are then recycled.

  5. Finally, you will receive a certificate of destruction verifying that your documents were destroyed according to the law.

How Secure is Offsite Shredding in Beaumont?

Offsite Document Shredding

Security is always our top priority here at Shred Nations. We want to ensure you that our contractors never come in contact with any of your documents and our contractors follow all federal and Texas state laws in regards to shredding. Our providers can also be NAID AAA Certified which has strict rules they must adhere to for the shredding process in order to gain the certification.

The Costs of Offsite Shredding in Beaumont, TX

The size of your shredding project will ultimately determine the cost and correct service. Offsite shredding is best for projects that weigh more than 300 pounds or roughly 15 boxes of paper. On average offsite shredding costs around $85 (this does not include special requests you may have) while offsite shredding is roughly $100 and drop off shredding is $1.00 per pound.

You don’t have to be a mathematician to determine that the larger volume prices are the best deal. You get more shredding accomplished for a cheaper price.

Get Free Quotes on Safe Offsite Shredding Services in Beaumont Today!

If you have a large volume of records to get rid of then look no further for help. We work with homes, organizations, and offices throughout Beaumont to bring you the best price on offsite shredding.

To start keeping your information safe today, call us at (409) 291-4916 or fill out the form for free quotes. Within minutes of receiving your request, we will have several quoted options for you to choose from to begin proper disposal of sensitive documents.

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