Offsite Shredding Services Azusa, CA

Offsite Shredding Services in Azusa

Picture this. Your house is filled with an entire soccer team. You need to get all these players to a game; the only problem is you only have one car. What do you do? You’d probably have to take multiple trips to the field, stuffing your car with players each time.

Taking up extra time, gas and effort that you may or may not have. Well, this is comparable to the situation of having multiple boxes of documents that need to be shredded sitting in your office. Doing it yourself would entail making numerous trips to the shredding facility, spending your valuable time on something that Shred Nations would happily help you with.

Our partners’ offsite shredding process is as easy as you making a phone call and a truck picking up your documents and then taking them to a shredding facility. It doesn’t have to be the hassle you may be making it out to be.

Find out if your project is meant for offsite shredding and get your project handled today by calling (626) 594-4930 or filling out the form to talk to a representative and receive your FREE quote within minutes.

What are the steps to offsite shredding in Azusa?

  1. Talk to a Shred Nations representative by calling (626) 594-4930 and connect with Azusa local contractors that will comply with your project.
  2. Pick a contractor that will best comply with all your project needs and requests. Be sure to consider budget, location, and volume of documents.
  3. The provider will send a truck to your location to retrieve all the desired documents and securely transport them to the Azusa shredding facility.
  4. You will receive a certificate of destruction.

Offsite Document ShreddingHow secure is Offsite Shredding in Azusa?

Shred Nations helps protect your confidential information by partnering with companies that are compliant with all California state shredding laws and regulations. Ask your contractor if they are NAID AAA Certified. NAID sets high standards ensuring any compliant shredding contractor will deliver high quality, secure results. 

What is the cost of Off Site Shredding?

The number of documents you have will play a big part in the total cost of your project. The further the contractor must drive to get to your location will also be factored into the budget. Shred Nations strives to find a contractor that is most convenient for you and is budget friendly.

Drop-off shredding in Azusa is approximately $1 per pound, so with even as little as 15 boxes weighing anywhere from 20 to 30 pounds the cost will be much higher than offsite shredding.

 Get your FREE, no-obligation quote within minutes by calling (626) 594-4930 or filling out the form to the right. 

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