Electronic Media Destruction Services in Azusa

Shred Nations Azusa, CAElectronic media is stored in multiple ways and it may be difficult to keep up with properly destroying any outdated or unneeded electronic media devices. Electronic data devices include:

      • Computer hard drives
      • Printers, Scanners, and Copiers
      • Credit and Debit cards
      • CDs, DVDs, and Floppy Disks
      • Flash drives/Thumb drives/Jump drives
      • Biomedical devices

To ensure that no information that was once stored on these devices can be recovered the device must physically be destroyed. Shred Nations offers an electronic media destruction service that will destroy all devices, melt them with other materials and recycle them, making it impossible for reconstruction.

What Steps to Take for Electronic Media Destruction in Azusa

      1. Connect with a Shred Nations representative by calling (626) 594-4930 or filling out the form to the right and receive a list of contractors that will best comply with your needs.
      2. Choose an Azusa contractor that will be the most helpful with your project.
      3. Schedule a time to have the contractor pick up your devices or discuss drop-off or secure shipping options.
      4. Your hardware will be destroyed, melted and recycled.
      5. You will receive a certificate of destruction.

Electronic Media Destruction Process in Alameda, CASecure Electronic Media Destruction in Azusa

Data destruction companies that Shred Nations partner with meet the National Security Agency and Department of Defense laws and regulations for electronic media destruction. The contractors are even FACTA and HIPAA certified and most have their NAID AAA certificate.

What will Electronic Media Destruction Cost in Azusa?

The cost of Shred Nations electronic media destruction service will depend on the types of devices you need destroying, the number of devices, the service frequency, and the drop-off or pick up option chosen. There are multiple types of electronic media devices so the cost of destroying a printer compared to a floppy disk will be different.

Hard Drive Destruction

It is important to remain aware of the potential threats of improper destruction.  If hard drives are not destroyed properly, then the information can be recovered. This opens opportunities for thieves and hackers to access the information of malicious purposes.  Hard drive destruction services offer safety and assurance that confidential information is kept safe and secure.

Additionally, it is crucial to remain compliant within industry regulations including HIPAA and FACTA.  Trusted providers offer services that will keep your information secure by properly shredding hard drives.

Get a quote on how much your electronic media destruction service will cost by filling out the form to the right or calling (626) 594-4930

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