Ashland Offsite Shredding Services Ashland Offsite Shredding Services 

Do you dread taking all those boxes of documents for drop off shredding? Doing it yourself isn’t just a time-consuming hassle. If you lose paperwork along the way, someone else could find it and exploit any information it contains. 

Shred Nations’ offsite shredding takes care of the work and inconvenience for you. One of our partners picks up your documents, destroys them at a secure facility, and documents its process with a certificate of destruction. Offsite shredding is available for one-time use or recurring scheduled services

Requesting Off Site Shredding Services in Ashland 

In just a few moments, you can get started with Shred Nations’ off site document shredding services. Get pricing and choose your service with a few easy steps: 

  1. Call us at (971) 259-4276 or complete our online quote form. 
  2. Review the quotes you receive from our expert contractors. Select a provider and the type of service you need. 
  3. Place the documents to be shredded inside the lockable shred bins you receive. Contact your provider to request a secure pickup when the bins are full.
  4. Once you place your documents inside the shred bins, they remain inside until they’re placed into the shredders at a secure off site facility. The contractor will send you a certificate of destruction once your project is complete.

Pricing for Off Site Shredding Services in Ashland 

We recommend off site shredding for large-volume projects. Offsite facilities are capable of processing up to 20,000 pounds of paper every hour.  The price will be determined by the size of your project, your location, and the frequency of service. You will be charged a flat-rate fee, rather than by the pound like drop off locations.

Get Free, No-Obligation Quotes on Off Site Shredding Services in Ashland 

Shred Nations Ashland provides businesses and homes with secure offsite document shredding services. Do you need shredding service in Ashland? Request a quote today through our online quote form or call (971) 259-4276

Within a few minutes of receiving your request, we’ll get you free quotes from secure and reliable Ashland shredding contractors that can get your shredding project scheduled and completed as quickly as possible. 

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