Ashland Hard Drive Destruction Services Ashland Hard Drive Destruction Services 

Even after you delete files from a hard drive, someone skilled in data recovery can still retrieve them. That’s why hard drive destruction is the most secure and dependable way to keep information confidential. Following strict destruction protocols, our Shred Nations partners wipe out your old data, destroy your devices, and recycle the leftover parts. 

Our hard drive shredding is environmentally friendly and complies with FACTA, HIPAA, National Security Agency, Department of Defense, and other data security regulations. 

Steps for Hard Drive Destruction in Ashland 

You’re only moments away from requesting high-quality secure hard drive shredding in Ashland, OR. Start the process by completing some easy steps: 

  1. Call our offices at (971) 259-4276 or complete our quote form. Shred Nations network partners will provide you with quotes. 
  2. Evaluate the quotes you receive, choose a provider, and contact the provider for service. 3. Select a method of transport for your hard drives: direct shipment, onsite, or drop-off. 
  3. Our provider destroys your hard drives and recycles the remaining components. 
  4. Once your project is complete, you will get a certificate of destruction from the contractor. This certificate shows the chain of custody for your devices plus who witnessed their destruction.

Approximate Cost of Hard Drive Destruction in Ashland 

There are multiple factors that need to be taken into account in order to determine how much hard drive destruction costs. One of the most important things is how much media you need to have destroyed. The greater the volume you have, the more it will cost, but the amount charged per price decreases significantly. On average, it will cost $7-$20 per drive.

You also need to consider the type of media you’re destroying. Some things need to use special equipment or need additional steps to ensure your data will never be recovered. Shred Nations Ashland will send you accurate quotes for your specific electronic media destruction needs. 

Get Free Quotes on Hard Drive Disposal Services in Ashland 

Shred Nations Ashland offers secure electronic data disposal and hard drive shredding services throughout Ashland and the surrounding areas. Give us a call at (971) 259-4276 or fill out the form.

We will contact you within minutes of receiving your request to provide you with free quotes from the most secure and reliable Ashland shredding contractors that can get your shredding project scheduled and completed as quickly as possible. 

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